Benefits of Playing Dress Up For Toddler Kids

Benefits of Playing Dress Up For Toddler Kids

Toddler kids have a big imagination. Needless to say, they need a lot of space to create, imagine, and-dress up! Dressing up is a favorite past time of many 3, 4, and 5-year-olds. Whether they dress up like superheroes, police officers, princesses, or pilots; one thing’s for sure-dressing up sure does have its benefits.

What are the Benefits of Playing Dress Up for Toddler Kids?

Below are some of the most important benefits of playing dress up for toddler kids:

  • Improves speech and vocabulary

Children have to speak a lot during dress up. Whether they are talking to themselves in the mirror or others, rest assured that they will be exposed to sounds and even unique vocabulary. For example, if your daughter is playing princess, pretend to cross a moat to get to her castle. You can pretend to lower a drawbridge and fire cannon. Tell her a knight is going to gallop in on a white steed. The more you use era and subject appropriate vocab, the more background your child will get on various topics!

  • Increases imagination

Children who are dressed up have to use their mind and body in order to have fun, unlike a toy that will light up or do something for them. They have to pretend there’s an entire setting around them in order to get into character. They will train their brain to picture objects and act out scenarios on their own or with others.

Some children are born with vivid imaginations and are highly creative. Other children need to be taught this. You can play teacher by imagining out loud so they have a better understanding of what dress up-play really entails. They’ll be pros in no time!

  • Encourages role play

Once your child is in costume, they can truly take on a role. This teaches them to empathize with all sorts of characters. It enhances their imagination and helps them construct scenes, actions, and dialogues with things they’ve already learned about whatever they are dressed up as.

For example, they may have learned that police officers’ roles are to protect and enforce the law. They may issue pretend speeding tickets or lock a bad guy up in jail for breaking the law!

  • Teaches conversation pacing and wait time

When your child is in costume and in the midst of imagining and role-playing, they learn all about how conversations are structured when you or a friend play with them. Your child will learn not to talk over others, to wait their turn, to express themselves vocally, and will learn all about speaking in a way that reflects their feelings and actions.

  • Encourages collaboration with others

Dress up play is so much more fun when played with others. This really allows your child to get into character and learn more by collaborating with others. When collaborating, they learn different methods of problem-solving, different ideas, and get exposed to a different background.

Children also learn to share, take turns, and compromise-which can be extremely difficult in the preschool years when power struggles try to take over.

  • Unplugged

The great thing about dressing up is that there is no technology involved. The only thing your child needs access to is their mind and some really great clothes. There’s no charging, no tantrums when it’s over, and children aren’t programmed to think, act, or move in any certain way.

  • It Enhances Fine Motor Skills

It takes some effort to get in and out of clothes. Think of all the buttoning, tying, and zippering that occur. Believe it or not, but dressing up is really great for getting those little fingers working!

  • Fun for friends and family of all ages

Dress up is an activity that the whole family can get into. Who doesn’t like to dress up and pretend they are someone else for a while?

My son is four and his older friends come over often. The first thing they run for? The costumes! Consider creating a costume corner or box that holds all of your child’s hats, clothing, props, and accessories so that it’s easy to reach and accessible to all!

Dressing up has some serious benefits. An activity that should totally be encouraged, you’ll notice your child’s speech, action, and imagination will start to soar just shortly after they start cos-play. Staring a dress-up wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive either. Here are some great examples of baby and toddler clothes that you can dress up with – . We hope you have enjoyed this article on the benefits of dressing up your toddler child!


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