A Handy Review Guide to the Best Body Fat Scales

A Handy Review Guide to the Best Body Fat Scales

In the world of fitness and health, the term “body fat percentage” is something pretty new. If you are a keen fitness enthusiast, you must have heard about this term. It is said that even if you spend hours at the gym working out sincerely, your body weight may not change much. This is not something to worry or feel demoralized about.

It may so happen that the fat content in your body got replaced by lean muscle due to regular exercises. However, in order to determine the exact percentage of your body weight that is comprised of fat, you will have to find out the body fat percentage.

What Is A Body Fat Scale?

You must have heard about weight scales or bathroom scales. However, the body fat scale is a device that helps you to find out your body fat percentage. Although these scales provide you some idea about the percentage of your body weight that is comprised of fat, the reading may not be absolutely accurate all the time. In fact, there are several doubts pertaining to the accuracy level of a body fat scale and you can learn more here.

In spite of all the doubts about a body fat scale, there are several advantages of using such a device to find out about your body fat percentage. First of all, you can easily find a body fat scale at any store in town. Thus, there is no need to spend much time trying to find such a scale. Secondly, the price of a body fat scale is well within the budget of every user. In fact, if you compare the price of a body fat scale with that of a Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry, you will under about the affordability. Lastly, using a body fat scale is highly convenient. Any user will be able to use the device without much trouble at all.

You must be wondering how a body fat scale actually works. Well, these scales work on BIA Technology or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. If you stand on this scale, the device sends out a harmless electric current throughout the body. This current passes through pure muscle or any fatless tissues very fast. However, once it comes across fat, the speed goes down as the resistance increases. The amount of this resistance to the electrical current tells the machines about the amount of fat-free mass in your body.

Crucial Tips While Shopping for a Body Fat Scale

There are several useful and crucial tips for you that can help you while shopping for a body fat scale. Some of these tips are listed below for your knowledge.

  • It is true that your skin temperature can easily affect the electrical current that is used by the scale. It will be a good idea if you could test yourself in a room that has almost similar room temperature.
  • Always choose a body fat scale that best fits your budget and is also the most expensive you can afford. The accuracy level increases with the price of such a scale.


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