Answered! In Which Order Should You Use and Apply Skincare Products?

Skin Care

Taking care of your skin is not just about getting various products for it but also using them in the right order. Efficiency and consistency are key when trying to get a hold of your skin care rituals. Misumi Skincare knows how challenging this period can be. That’s why they help you come up with solutions suited to you and your skin. And it can get quite overwhelming for the first-time user to actually get this chronological order correct the first time.

Not only are there an unlimited number of brands to choose from; once you have had your pick you must also decide which product to apply first and how! Here is a complete and comprehensive guide to applying skincare products in the right order that every makeup and beauty enthusiast must know about.

Cleansing and Pre-cleansing

First and foremost, remove all traces of makeup from your face (we recommend coconut oil). After all the makeup is removed, it is time to thoroughly clean the skin. Use a mild but effective face wash, cleanser and scrubber to remove the dirt, dust and other impurities that block the skin pores. Avoid sulfate-based products to reduce the risk of rashes and irritation. Look for cleansers with organic elements.

Toners and Rollers

Once you have thoroughly cleansed your skin of all the impurities and blockages, the next step is to exfoliate. A mild exfoliator usually contains alpha or beta hydroxy acids that work wonders on the skin tone and texture. A good exfoliator removes the dead skin cells and dirt off the skin. Lactic acid, for instance, is a mild but effective exfoliating agent that gently removes the blockages and gives you a warm, smooth and glowing countenance. A toner usually acts as a balancing agent that restores the skin’s pH and readies it for other products.

Active Treatments

Active treatment products in the routine usually come in after you have thoroughly cleansed and toned the skin. The products are usually applied on the bare skin when the pores are unblocked by the layer of dead skin cells for lasting penetration and effects. ( Acne spot treatments, antioxidant serums, hydroxy acids, and retinoids are some of the popular active agents that you can include in the skincare routine. Most of the products are rich in Vitamins C, B, A, and E and hence used for removing acne, reducing blackheads and protecting your skin from rashes and itchiness.

Hydration Mists and Serums

Face mists and light hydrating serums are something that everyone benefits from irrespective of their skin type and routine they follow. The humectants act as an excellent moisturizing agent for normal and oily skin, especially if you’re planning on applying an emollient sunscreen or makeup later. For dry, dehydrated skin, serums act as a rejuvenating agent and are usually the first layer that one applies underneath heavy creams and face oils. A sprinkle of face mist and a few drops of serum are all you need to keep that glow going!

Moisturizers and Sunscreens

People with oily or combination skin rarely need a moisturizer. If you have dry skin though, a good moisturizer goes a long way in protecting the skin from extreme temperature differences and itchiness. Ensure that you read through the ingredients of the product before getting it as most moisturizers are but a mixture of water, glycerine, silicone, and oxidized oils. Eye creams and sunscreens again not something that’s strictly necessary. Put on the chemical sunscreen (high SPF for dark skin) before you apply the moisturizer. Avene tolerance cream is an inexpensive and effective option for people who have sensitive skin or are undergoing other cosmetic procedures.

Face Oil and Foundation

Face oils are something not everyone generally includes in their skincare routine, but if you do, it should be your last moisturizing step. The oil acts as a final barrier, holding together all the previous products. Anything you apply hereafter won’t get absorbed by the skin as effectively. Also, stick to monosaturated oils like coconut and jojoba and not seed-based oils. And finally, you can apply some foundation and other makeup items for an even and smooth skin tone Moon Lamp.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has their own unique skincare routine that they stick to religiously. However, this is the basic gist of the entire process. When in doubt, the general rule is to apply products in the order of thinnest to thickest consistencies.


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