5 Tips for Families Moving Home to a New Country

5 Tips for Families Moving Home to a New Country

There are no studies to support the popular saying that moving house is one of the top five most stressful life experiences (BBC). However, it’s also impossible to argue that moving your entire family to a new country is guaranteed to be stressful. To minimize the toll of this event, you will need to prepare thoroughly, find reliable helpers, and make sure you get as much done within your native country as possible.

How to Make Your Move Abroad Less Stressful: Top 5 Tips

1.      Arrange all relevant paperwork for your new home

You need to have all paperwork regarding your new property in order before you begin with the actual move. This means not only the lease papers but also all documents that will solidify your legal position in the new country.

Paperwork associated with international relocation is extensive and complex. If you are moving for work, your employer should be able to help you with it. In case you don’t have employment yet, consider finding a job first so you have more legal ground to arrange the residency papers. Don’t forget that you also need to arrange school transfer documents for your kids. You’ll need to get their records from their current schools before you leave.

2.      Hire experienced movers you can trust

One of the main factors to ensure your peace of mind during this major undertaking is to find trusted movers. They must have experience in not merely international relocations but with the exact country, you are moving to.

It might also be best to have the professionals pack your home for such a long-distance trip. This will reduce the risk of damaging valuable items and provide you with some protections as the service might provide a guarantee for their work. Be sure to read the fine print on the contract you sign with the movers as you have to be 100% sure they will keep your stuff safe and be legally accountable for any mistakes during transportation.

3.      Deal with your current home

Will you rent out your current property? Do you have a lease that runs out soon? Do you have any obligations in regards to the place you are currently living at?

You have to deal with everything concerning your home before you move to another or at least lay the legal groundwork for this. Do your research to find out what kind of papers you will need and get all the necessary signatures onto them before any person who needs to sign crosses the border. If you rent out the place, find a property management service that will take care of everything on your behalf.

4.      Research your new neighborhood in advance

To make your relocation as smooth as possible, you need to boost your self-confidence and knowing your way around the new place will achieve this. Take your time to do a detailed research of the neighborhood/city you are moving to.

5.      Prepare a plan for your new interior design

You can reduce some of the stress from moving house by replacing it with the excitement of designing a new one. Sit down as a family and focus on the floor plan of your new home. Discuss what will go where and which new items you will need to buy.

You should also research stores in your new area so you can order essential pieces right away. With a detailed plan on hand, settling into your new place will be much easier and you’ll be able to avoid minor scandals when arranging furniture.

And to reduce your stress levels further, check out tips on how to adjust to a new culture. Do this kind of research before moving as it might affect how you need to design your new home and which items to pack.


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