How to Get Rid of Double Chin or Face Fat? Best Tips and Exercises

How to Get Rid of Double Chin or Face Fat? Best Tips and Exercises

Double chin is a common problem for all obese people. Most other people also face it because of unwanted storage of fats in the face region. It may either happen due to family history or dietary history. There are proper natural ways to reduce double chin within a precise time frame.

Here we reveal the best answers for how to get rid of a double chin with all natural treatments.

Finding Ways to Lose Face Fat:

As discussed, there are two valid reasons behind fat in every part of the body. The dietary issues and genetic issues. Genetics may be hard to deal with, i.e. challenging the problems in the body that are taken from the ancestors. Even though the problems of diabetes, baldness, the texture of the skin, and few other cannot be relieved with any treatment but the obesity is not an unstoppable thing.

We can get rid of double chin and fat in other places of the body with prescribed natural ways. To figure out everything in discrete ways, there are two processes that enhance the treatment of double chin removal. One with natural remedies to burn fat in the body, fat burning diets in precise. And the other method is with simple double chin exercises.

Both diet and workouts are needed to regulate fat in the body, and so are they helpful in toning the face.

Starting with exercises, let us understand how to get rid of a double chin at home within 15 days.

Double Chin Exercises:

  1. Roll your neck

Roll your neck and head in full circles. Be in a straight posture with your spine vertical. Rolling the neck doesn’t indicate to stretch your neck muscle but to lead with the chin.

Chin being at the longest possible distance from the throat, rotate the neck to all through around the shoulder region. If your muscles do not allow you to rotate your neck with such intensity, do halfway rotations from shoulder to shoulder.

  1. Head Up to the Ceiling

Put your head up to the ceiling. Bend the neck backward gently that you do not stress your shoulders and neck muscles. Try to keep the tongue straight in the mouth and keep the lips closed and stretched to the front of your face, i.e. towards the ceiling as far as you can.

Also, keep your arms free and hanging by your sides. The back of the neck and chin will get stretched and the effect can be felt as the skin feels the tension. Sides of your neck will be contracted to more extent.

Stay in the same posture for about 20 seconds and slowly get back to normal position without altering the steadiness of shoulder and arms. Do at least 10 repetitions of this double chin exercise daily. You can go up to 20 times for faster results.

  1. Do something with Cheeks

Stretching your lips and cheeks will do a better job in addition to the chin exercises. Pouting will also help for the same purpose. Pout the face with your lower lip to the widest possible width. Stretch the skin up to that point your skin shows temporary wrinkles.

Now, do the same exercise of tilting the neck back and forth with the slowest pace as in above exercise. Practice this around 20 times daily. Give a pause of a second’s time for every cycle of back and forth.

  1. Stretch your Tongue

Put the tongue out of the mouth. Open the mouth to the widest extent possible. Take the tongue out as far as possible from your mouth. Be in a subtle posture and take considerably longer breaths.

Keep your tongue out for 15-20 seconds and take it in. Doing this practice three times daily can let you lose face fat in just 15 days.

  1. Move your jaws

Moving jaws can reduce your face fat and also tone your double chin effectively. There is a particular double chine exercise that can work with the activity of jaws.

Start inhaling with the mouth closed and jaws moving up and down. Now, exhale deeply with a humming sound. Continue to breathe next with the mouth open, jaws widened, and the tongue pressed to bottom teeth. Exhale this time with sound from the throat. This is an effective exercise for double chin removal.

Also, all these ways are a part of the answer to the question, how to get rid of double chin. There are many other things that can tone your chin and let you lose weight in the face.

Let us find a few tips on how to reduce face fat.

Dietary Tips to Get Rid of Double Chin:

Being a foodie, you can have much to eat. But that could be your reason to build weight in the face. Soon you understand this, you got to shift to the best foods that suit your appetite and enhance your process of double chin removal.

Counting on calories is never a brave idea in the views of natural health supporters. But just have an idea how much you are spending on the energy you are taking in through foods. It will help you in removing all the unnecessary fats in the body, not just give an answer to how to get rid of double chin.

What to Have?

  • Have fruits three times a day as they do not contain any hazardous fats.
  • Have plenty of veggies in every session of the diet.
  • Eat more lean protein meat, if you are a non-vegetarian.

What not to Have?

  • No processed food, No Fried food should be encouraged if you are in the process of getting rid of double chin.
  • Lowest possible sugar intake.
  • Least prefer the Dairy products.

Have these foods in your diet for so long until you see a change in your double chin.

  • Green Tea
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Honeydew melon
  • Egg white
  • Chamomile tea
  • Olive oil
  • Vitamin E supplements
  • Sugar-free Chewing gum

The above list of foods and ingredients help in a broad range to give the best solutions for how to get rid of double chin and tone your cheeks look ever-young thereafter.


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