A Guide to Sourcing the Right Slate Roofing Contractor

A Guide to Sourcing the Right Slate Roofing Contractor pool

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If you are building your dream home and have your heart set on a slate roof, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Slate offers a classic, timeless look and has all the durability you need for the harsh Australian climate, yet finding an experienced roofing contractor might seem like a daunting task, and with that in mind, here are a few of the attributes that an established slate roofing company would possess.

  • An Open Mind – We all have our own unique ideas and the best roofer would be happy to incorporate the client’s ideas into the final design. Once the roof is built, there’s no changing it, so take the time to consider all design options, and the contractor should be only too happy to advise you on all aspects of slate roofing. If you would like some design options, there are some websites showcasing stunning roof examples to give you some inspiration. All it takes is a brief search on Google.
  • Attention To Detail – The finer details are every bit as important, and the roofing contractor has many ways to make the roof look distinguished, including clever use of lead flashing. The company would ideally be customer-focused and not have ideas that are set in stone, and by taking particular care with the small details, the client is always happy.

A Guide to Sourcing the Right Slate Roofing Contractor meeting

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  • Established Within The Local Community – Slate roofing is an art that has been handed down from generation to generation, and fortunately, there are still craftsmen out there. Long established Sydney roofing contractors can be found with an online search, and with such a big investment, you should take the time to view some of their previous projects, which will give you a clear idea what to expect. Long warranties should be the norm and for a slate roof, that would equate to a solid 15-year guarantee that gives you complete coverage for that period.
  • Transparent Pricing Structure – No one wants a nasty surprise when they receive the final invoice, so make sure that the company is very clear about costs and what exactly they entail. A detailed breakdown of a written quotation would indicate you are dealing with a reliable organization, and you should accept nothing less. While price should never be your main focus with a slate roof, you do want value for money, and the ideal quote would be in the middle of the price range.
  • Impartial Advice – Some contractors have a materials preference and this will likely influence their advice. What you do want is impartial advice on the pros and cons of every decision along the way, which puts you in a position to be able to make an informed decision, as you are aware of all your options.

A Guide to Sourcing the Right Slate Roofing Contractor talking

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The best way to source a slate roofing contractor is an online search, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the market leader, as slate roofing is a specialist field and not all roofers are comfortable with slate. If the company has been trading for more than a few years and can furnish you with some local examples of their work, you can move ahead with some confidence.


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