5 Tips to repairing a garage door

5 Tips to repairing a garage door

It is inevitable that from time to time you will have to repair your garage door since it’s susceptible to minor repair requirement. The one thing that you need to know is that it’s very easy to detect if your garage door needs repair is to listen for creaking sounds and checking to see if it is functioning as it should be. To ensure the door is working perfectly is should move as a whole and go up and down smoothly. The good thing about garage door repair in Escondido is that it can be quite simple if you know what you are doing.  Here are the tips which you need when you are looking to repair your garage door.

  1.    Check the track

This is the first place that you need to look when you are repairing your garage. This is because here is where you will have broken pieces or damaged pieces. The one thing that you will need to understand is that you don’t have to wait for major damage to your track before you can fix it because even the smallest dents can cause your garage door to malfunction. Take your time to find the areas which are causing the problem on the tracks.

  1.    Align your door

The other garage door repair technique is to check to see if the garage door is well aligned. The reason for this is that many are times where you will have doors which are not aligned which can be very frustrating. In regard to alignment, roll door should be against the surface while the horizontal door should slant a little bit.

  1.    Clean the tracks

There are times that the problem with your garage door has to do with dirt. This is why it is advisable to clean the tracks as a repair mechanism. Over time dirt and hardened grease can accumulate on the tracks which can make it very hard to open or close the garage door.  In repairing the garage use a household cleaner to clean the tracks and remove any dirt or grease which may be clogging the tracks.

  1. Check for loose parts

A garage door is fastened using screws over time due to strain and motion the screws can loosen which can make the door lose its balance. Check for any loose screw and tighten them accordingly. You need to check the hinges on the door and make sure that the screws which fasten the doors are well fastened.

  1.    Change the garage door opener

The opener your garage can also be faulty from use over a period of time and in your repair procedure, you need to consider replacing it.  The replacement process is relatively easy as long as you get the right pair.

Once you are done with the repair, you can then engage in a few maintenance tips like applying lubrication on the moving parts and also test the door safety measure to make sure that your door is functioning perfectly.


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