Is Alpha Lipoic Acid Good For Diabetics?

Is Alpha Lipoic Acid Good For Diabetics?

Diabetes is a medical condition where the body experiences a challenge when it comes to the production and processing of glucose. Currently, 30.2 million people in the United States face this challenge. Globally, 415 to 642 million people have diabetes. Diabetic is the term used by medical professionals to refer to a person who has this condition. Diabetics exhibit various symptoms including fatigue, thirst, and weight loss. Other symptoms of diabetes include blurred vision, migraines, and neuropathic pain. Researchers believe that Alpha Lipoic Acid helps diabetics in various ways. More specifically, they say that it helps in three ways namely dealing with insulin resistance, easing neuropathic pain, and protecting the retina. Here is a comprehensive answer to the question, “Is Alpha Lipoic Acid good for diabetics?”

  1. Dealing with Insulin Resistance
    The most common form of diabetes is Diabetes Mellitus Type-2. It develops under three primary conditions viz. high blood sugar, insufficient insulin in your body, and insulin resistance. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) helps you deal with insulin resistance. This resistance occurs when the cells in your body respond unusually to insulin. Insulin triggers body cells in normal circumstances leading to the uptake of glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells. This uptake leads to the provision of energy for cellular processes in those cells. A 2006 study revealed that the presence of ALA in the body leads to a reduction in the Insulin Resistance HOMA index. Consequently, there would be an increase in glucose uptake of by your body cells because resistance to this uptake would be low.
  2. Easing Neuropathic Pain
    As previously mentioned, one of the symptoms of diabetes is neuropathic pain. This pain develops when a high level of blood sugar damages your nerves. Mostly, this damage occurs in your legs or feet leading to painful or numbing feelings. At times, neuropathic pain caused by diabetes affects your internal organs. More specifically, it may have an impact on your urinary tract, digestive system, and blood vessels. It might have an effect on your heart as well. Therefore, dealing with neuropathic pain is critical to your overall well being. Fortunately, ALA eases it. For example, it prevents additional damage to your nerves. It also stops toxins from spreading to these cells. Consequently, your nervous system starts healing soon after you consume ALA. That is especially true for diabetic patients experiencing neuropathic pain.
  3. Protecting the Retina
    Diabetes leads to retinopathy, which is a medical term for damage to a person’s eye. This damage occurs when high blood sugar causes swelling in your eyes. This swelling inhibits your ability to see. More specifically, it leads to blurred vision. These problems with your eyesight can be temporary or chronic. A possible remedy to this kind of retinopathy is changing your diet to include low-carb meals while getting rid of high-carb servings. Consuming supplements that include ALA as one of its chief ingredients in its formula is an excellent idea as well. Remember, ALA lowers your blood sugar levels by encouraging your body cells to take up as much glucose as they can. Doing so protects your retina reducing your risk of developing blurred vision because of retinopathy.


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