4 Tips to caring for your cat even when you are not home

4 Tips to caring for your cat even when you are not home

Cats are great companions since they look good and keep mice away. When leaving your cat alone during the day, cat owners may suffer separation anxiety. The anxiety comes from the guilt that they left the cat to feed itself and play alone. There are things that you should know before owning a cat. For example, cats are independent on their own, but they are incapable of taking care of themselves.  Here are four ways to caring for your cat even when you are not home.

  1. Build a Fun Zone. Set up a place for your cat to play. You do not have to sacrifice an entire room, but you can devote a corner of a room or a window. Set up a particular cat tree or a cat scratcher for climbing and claw exercise. Get a cat perch overlooking the backyard to provide your pet with free hours of entertainment. If you prefer the DIY (Do It Yourself) option, build a sitting shelf that sits on the inside edge of a window. You only need a rack, brackets, and fabric to create the sitting shelf. If you can place a bird feeder outside the window, your cat will spend hours watching the birds feed. You can also have an enclosure around the window to allow your cat to go outside while staying inside the house.
  2. Get a Friend. If your cat is the only pet at home, you can opt to get her a feline friend. Do not forget that it is difficult to integrate a new friend in the house, especially if your cat is older and used to being alone. The cat may consider the other pet as an enemy who wants her throne. However, it is worth a try to give your pet a feline brother or sister she can grow to love. Two cats can spend their time playing even when you are not at home to witness.
  3. Puzzles and Snacks. Some cats are into cat treats and snacks. A food puzzle toy is a great way to keep such cats occupied. The toys are ball-shaped and designed to be stuffed with small pieces of cat food. The food is only released when your cat figures out the right way to undo the catch. The pet can also figure out the right turn to make the treat fall out. You can control the amount if treat the cat feeds on by filling the toy with dehydrated or freeze-dried cat food. Click here to read about the best automatic cat feeders.
  4. Soothing Sound. We know that it is true that music can soothe a savage man. The same is true for our domesticated wild pets. Find out the kind of music that your cat responds to and collect more of that style. Set up the music to play quietly on the stereo while you are away. Try classical music or the soft piano and string style. Avoid the trumpets and drums kind of music.

You can now go to work or shopping knowing that your cat is not lonely and you will find her in a happy mood.


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