What is alkaline water and what do you need to know about it?

What is alkaline water and what do you need to know about it?

Alkaline water is one of the most hyped buzzwords of recent time. It is mainly known for regulating our body’s pH balance. There are many other benefits of its claims by many pieces of research that seem to be very appealing for us.  People claim that it can prevent cancer and slows down the ageing process. There is also another side of the story as well. Few people claim it to be risky, not beneficial. So here we are today to clear out some good and bad about alkaline water that will be eye-opening for you.

What is alkaline water?

Well, alkaline refers to the pH level of anything — the number that measures how acidic or alkaline a thing is from the scale of 0 to 14. The ideal acidic scale is 7.5. The lesser it is, the more acidic it is. The more the number is, the more alkaline it is.

What does it do?

The job of alkaline water is simple. The water goes to our body and neutralizes the acidic state of our body. The pH level of the alkaline water is way higher than our regular drinking water. So it goes to our body and gives it a good cleanse. Alkaline water benefits us as it contains minerals and negative oxidation. If you’re looking to buy pure alkaline water make sure to read up on the benefits as well as the potential risks.

Benefits of alkaline water

Good source of anti-oxidant:

Anti-oxidant is known famously for saving our skin from free radical damages. Free radical damages can harm our body and immune system. Drinking alkaline water will protect your immune system. Without a healthy immune system, you can fall ill easily. Free radicals attack us from the environment pollution, smoke or household products. So it is inevitable to avoid free radicals without alkaline water benefits.


These days our surroundings are full of toxins and pollution. Our diet is also messed up because of GMO. If we do not take the necessary steps already, then we will have to suffer in the long run. Alkaline water does the job correctly by cleaning toxins from the body. Keep your water intake high, eat fresh vegetables and drink alkaline water to get the best result.

Helps losing weight:

These days we are all obsessed with junk food. It is easier for us to grab a cheeseburger than eating a home-cooked meal. It results in a very acidic body of ours. To neutralise acid, our body creates more fats. Thus we all become overweight as a consequence of overeating junk food. Alkaline water can wash off those acids from our gut and does not let the body produce fat.

Fights cancer:

The cancer cells cannot live in the alkalized environment. For cancer, an acidic environment is the best to thrive. Alkalized water also works to prevent the growth of cancer cells. So if you already have cancer then with all other treatment take some alkalized water as well.

Risks of alkalized water

To most people alkalized water is considered safe. But there is good and the bad side of everything. Alkalized water is no exception. Alkalized water lowers the acidic environment of our stomach. It may result in killing some good bacteria from our body.

Alkalinity can cause gastrointestinal issues in our body. It also may agitate normal pH balance of our body. Having a balance is always good but too much or too less both are pretty harmful. It can lead you to metabolic alkalosis. It has some adverse effects on our body. You will feel nausea and vomiting in this situation. You may feel extremities in your face as well.  But again this varies greatly on person to person.


If you want to have alkalized water try for natural options first. Lemon juice and baking soda make natural alkalized water. If you see them work well for you, then go for other options available in the market.


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