How to Style Loungewear

How to Style Loungewear

Despite the name, loungewear these days has become so stylish that you can wear it even when you’re not exactly lounging – you cannot put a price on around-the-clock comfort! The sheer range of possible styles that are available can be downright daunting – but we’ve compiled a stress-free list of options on getting your personal style of loungewear down pat. Indeed; many of the options below are actually trendy, and show no signs of slowing down much in the appeal department. Without further ado, let’s check out the suggestions.

The Loose Rules to Looking Fresh in Casual Loungewear

     1. First of all, be aware that there are plenty of stores that carry a multitude of loungewear styles; this necessitates efficiency on your part. This means you should pick just a few from which you intend to get all of your things – especially if you’re still a mall-shopper in this Internet Age. Mall shopping may be necessary at first anyway, because you want to get the sizes correct. Even if you already know your size, be advised that different brands can run large or small, so it’s a good idea to get several measurements down pat.

     2. Colors will make or break your loungewear collection (well, other than having the correct sizes). To this end, it is important that you pick neutral colors or earth tones as befits the general tenor of your existing wardrobe. The neutral color palette is also in anticipation that your wardrobe will be expanding in the future, and you’ll want loungewear to complement or match most of the apparel there. Neutral colors, of course, also make dressing up a breeze when you’re barely awake. Don’t forget to include some snazzy colors for a change-up every once on awhile – lime green or electric blue, as befits your personal style.

     3. One oft-overlooked aspect of loungewear is the accessory aspect. It does wonders, as can be seen when celebrities exit their spacious abodes wearing some designer loungewear or other. A bit of bling really elevates the overall look, since the simplicity of the clothing presents a willing juxtaposition with the eye-catching jewelry. A good necklace enhances your look tremendously, as does a non-matching bracelet (no-matching with the loungewear, so that it stands out easily). Make sure you have a handbag or chic tote with you when going out, so that people don’t actually think you just woke up and are running to the store – unless that is actually the case!

     4. The importance of hair and makeup with this overall getup cannot be understated. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to draw attention to your favorite do in this regard; much like a businesswoman dressed in the most utilitarian work outfit, but with a lovely hair do and expert makeup on to draw the attention of men and women alike. You can go glam if you want to; but it isn’t necessary to pull out all the stops in the hair and makeup department; just make sure you look more than presentable. Soft romantic makeup can work wonders with a lounge outfit – even if you’re not looking for a special someone.

     5. Shoes are another feature that are of great importance with this particular style of clothing. After all, even with relatively “fancy” loungewear, whatever else you wear will stand out because of the one-piece nature of the attire. As such, you want to take more care in choosing your shoes than you would otherwise. Definitely do not go casual; your outfit is already casual enough; think gladiator pumps or strappy sandals. No sneakers, Ugg boots or flip flops with loungewear – even celebrities can’t make this get-up look like anything other than a snack run to the store.

     6. This next piece of advice is especially important in the fall and winter months: outerwear. Loungewear probably isn’t feasible at all in inclement weather, or in the dog days of winter, but in the weeks leading up to these you can toss a blazer or chambray top on your outfit without losing an ounce of stylishness. A leather jacket also works very well, depending on the fit – proportions matter very much in general, and even more with this type of outfit. The last thing you want to do is look sloppy and untailored, so keep things reasonably fitted and be sure you’ve got all the winter basics.

Wrapping Up Your Loungewear Look

Hopefully the above gives you a general guideline on letting your casual appearance turn heads while making you feel your most confident. It’s a new age of both comfort and style, where you deserve to look the part without spending a fortune, or feeling uncomfortable in business wear. To enhance your loungewear-centered appearance even further, consider tossing in a scarf or anything else that adds a touch of dressiness to it. Once you’ve got the central piece, your overall style can take over with accessories.


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