Staircases vs. loft ladders

Staircases vs. loft ladders

Have you ever wondered what type of staircase you should add to your home?

Depending on whether your stairs will be leading to a fully furnished floor or a loft, there is a variety of stairs to choose from.


Your interior design will have a huge influence on the stairs you will choose because they will be part of your interior decoration. You can choose from a variety of different staircases, including the three most common ones:

  • Curl/spiral stairs come in lots of different materials, like wood, metal, concrete or glass. The choice of material usually helps you match it to your interior. Also, depending on the material, the steps we choose will also depend on the banister. These stairs are usually the top choice for tall buildings, as well as converted lofts. However, if you choose these stairs for more than one floor, keep in mind the size of the hallway, as this will influence the size of the staircases. For example, houses with large spaces will fit wider stairs, while houses with limited space would have to go with narrow stairs. These stairs are not recommended for carrying large items up or down the stairs because it may be difficult and uncomfortable.
  • Straight stairs are known to be the most basic but also the most popular staircases. They’re easy to walk up and down. Also, there are so many ways you can modify them when it comes to size, shape, and material. This makes them a universal choice for many interiors, depending on the material and color you choose.
  • L-shaped stairs, sometimes known as quarter-turned stairs, are more visually appealing. This kind of staircase is almost exactly like the straight staircase, the only difference being that L-shaped stairs are safer because they reduce the number of treads that someone could fall off of.
  • U-shaped stairs are like a double L-shaped stairs, with more steps. U-shaped stairs are usually easier to fit into an architectural plan and the landing offers a resting point to get up to the top floor.

Staircases vs. loft ladders loft

Loft ladders
When it comes to loft ladders, you are probably going to select it as a form of getting to your loft, as the name would suggest. Usually, loft ladders are the most common choice of stairs for any type of attics, because they are a comfortable solution in many ways, like:

  • you can fold them and keep them hidden in the ceiling, this way they will reduce the amount of space staircases take
  • they’re only used for specific purposes (e.g. when you need to get something from the attic)

You don’t have to worry about their design because they will be hidden most of the time.  However, you can still choose between wooden or metal loft ladders in most cases.

Depending on your circumstances, you can decide whether a staircase or loft ladder is the best for you. If you need a way up to your loft, it’s better to get a loft and extra floor space. However, if you are building a three-story building you`ll be better selecting a staircase that will match the interior style you are planning to have.


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