6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Study Room

6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Study Room

I envy people who can just sit anywhere, whip open a book and study with complete concentration. Many of us, myself included, do not have the ability or the attention span to study anywhere. We need a specific study room with all of our books and resource material in place. We also need complete peace so that we can study with no disturbances.

But we can make our study time as efficient as possible by using the right accessories. Simply introduce these accessories in your study room, and you can make your study-time as efficient as possible. Here are some of our top picks:


E-readers include devices such as the Kindle. Kindles are now more common than they were ever before and that is why it’s easy to get your hands on one.

First of all, when you have an E-reader on hand, it is the equivalent of having thousands of reference books on hand at once. You can find these reference books easily on the Malaysia Kindle store. You can navigate through these books easily and find what you are looking for without having to scan too much.

Now, you must be wondering why we suggest you use a Kindle instead of a phone or a tablet for the same purpose. The reason is that phones and tablets have many features that can easily distract you while you are studying. So it is best that you use a Kindle which is a device that is dedicated to these functions.

6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Study Room tablet reader


Tablets are now more important to study than ever before. You can use it to make diagrams, take notes, practice math equations, anything!

Tablets can easily connect to the internet so you can ensure that you always have all the online resources there are on hand. So when you are doing homework or an assignment and need any sort of quick research, you can use your tablet and the virtual assistant on it to give you quick solutions.

It is imperative that you keep your studying tablet separate from your regular-use tablet and your phone. They might be able to perform the same functions, but your studying tablet will have less distracting features which will ensure that you focus on your work and not be distracted by the social media or notifications.

6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Study Room light

Study Lamps

I feel that study lamps are crucial to the aesthetic of a study room. I mean, when you imagine a study room, you probably have in mind a small room with a lot of books, a desk, and a study lamp. Since we suggest you take away the “lot of books” aspect by introducing an E-reader, we do encourage you to use a study lamp to maintain the integrity of the place!

Other than that, study lamps are also very useful if your study room has dim or bad lighting. They can help you study without letting you put too much strain on your eyes.

Post-it Notes

When you are studying, you often need to take quick notes regarding anything you learn on a specific page of your book. Having a notebook is great but navigating through one is not as much fun. However, if you have post-it notes on hand, you can easily pick one out, take notes and then stick them on the desired page.

Writing down notes quickly like that will also help you retain the knowledge that you have just absorbed from your book.

The need for post-it notes is almost eliminated if you are using a note-taking app or reading using a Kindle or any other digital software.

6 Must-Have Accessories for Your Study Room open book


Technically, post-it notes should be a part of stationery as well but they can be replaced, but stationery cannot ever be replaced!

Stationery includes all writing equipment like pencils, pens, and highlighters. They also include notebooks and writing pads for taking comprehensive notes that will help you retain information as well.

Some essentials like staples, staple pins, punching machines, and the likes are also in order.

If you keep your study room stocked with stationery you will always know where to get some Even if you don’t need to use it all the time; you will just have some when its necessary!

Snack Stash

Now, who doesn’t get hungry when snacking? I’m sure very few people can relate!

When you are studying you often need something to munch on so that you do not fidget with anything distracting and so that you can focus on your course material with ease.

If you don’t have a snack stash in your study room, you often have to walk all the way to your room or the kitchen to get something, and by the time you get back to your desk and sit down, your momentum nearly disappears. Sometimes you even finish the snacks on your way back.

So remember to keep your stash well-stocked so you can munch while keeping your momentum up!

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Jamie Kates is a student of Information Technology. She has a great passion for e-books and other technological devices that improve her reading capacity and brain power. She is also a passionate writer in her field related to software, e-readers, and other gadgets. Check her blogs at https://buykindlemalaysia.com.


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