Topmost Activewear Trends to Follow in 2018

Topmost Activewear Trends to Follow in 2018

Credit the growing level of fitness enthusiasts in the world to have more activewear options than ever before. This year has seen a humongous increase in activewear trends especially because they’re so much demand. People now have a gym look like its just another event their attending. Well, we’re glad to share some of the trendiest options that you’d find online and right out at a great discount too!

Best activewear trends for 2018

Although 2018 is almost wrapping up, we’ll share some activewear options that are here to stay in the next year. Check out the coolest options that are setting trends:

  1. Dance inspired yoga wear

The ballet-style activewear has come back in trend and is here to stay. It gives you a fresh look if you’re a yogi and also works well for gym times. These include stirrup leggings, halter neck sports bra, crop tops, and tank tops. Pick out your comfort wear and work out.

  1. Ruffles

Ruffles have taken over 2018 through every piece of clothing you can imagine. From dresses to pants, you’d find one out of ten people carrying this style. If you’re a fashion-forward person who loves this trend, you’d want them in activewear too. This style has lately been picked up in this clothing type and is said to be on the high all through 2019.

  1. Mesh leggings

Leggings have seen a whole new variation this year. You’d find many gym goers wear plain tees but with interesting leggings. It not only attracts what they’re wearing but also allows them to flaunt their toned legs. There are mesh leggings that come in patches and horizontal options. The vertical stripes were quite common earlier so look out for some mesh designs this year.

  1. High-waist leggings with a cropped sports bra

Unlike tracks and tees, this year, women are more inclined to wearing high-waist leggings with cropped sports bras. These were pretty common last year and have retained the style ever since. It seems much more liberating, feels good and gives you the best squats. Check out the best active clothing brand to find these pieces.

  1. Pastel shades

Get over the boring navy blues and blacks for your activewear. These color shades don’t give you anything positive when you look at yourself in the mirror. Move over to varsity-style stripes along with the saturated hues that continue from fall. While teal and ultraviolet were more of a spring and summertime options, you can try out dusty blues, lavender, and blush hues for this season.

  1. Floral prints

Floral prints have come back in trend and women love them all over their dresses and tops. You can even check out the paired floral activewear collection. These are a match of tees and leggings or sports bras and leggings. These look quite refreshing and are perfect for your morning routines.

  1. Jumpsuits

For the people who’d like to go dramatic with their activewear, the jumpsuit works just best. These come in dark color tones like black and brown, mixed with brighter stripes of orange or red. They are perfect when you’re working out during winters and have to balance between the weather and your sweat!

  1. Cutouts

From sports bras to tights, the cutouts are raising temperatures while you’re having an adrenaline rush. If you’d like to go bold and can carry these while you’re working out, these are some of the most stylish options to try.

  1. Sleeveless long tees

One of the coolest activewear for men this year is sleeveless workout tops. With quirky graphics and smart quotes, these were quite a winner for many young fitness enthusiasts. It gives you the perfect look to flaunt your biceps and lets you take the best look at your physique.

  1. Men’s tights

Even men have shifted from the trend of wearing loose tracks to tights. Be it shorts or full tights, these feel way more comfortable and allow you the maximum stretches. Tights are also more durable and cover up for any type of exercise you do.

These were some of the activewear trends that have stayed through this year and are all set to continue next year. Choose your favorite picks and starts shopping right away.


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