Nine Changes in SoP Writing in 2018/2019 Studying Year

Nine Changes in SoP Writing in 2018/2019 Studying Year

Are you finding it difficult to write your SoP? Though we may be good at conversing with new people about who we are; a statement of purpose comes with its unique set of challenges. Not only do you write about yourself, but you also have to convince the admission committee that you are a good candidate for their institution.

Ask any expert sop writing service, and they will tell you a winning essay, is one that makes you stand out. It sets you apart from the pool of potential candidates and cohesively advocates your suitability, for the opportunity.

What to Include in your SOP?

  1. Share a Story

It’s your chance to make a lasting impression on the reader. Find a unique narrative or experience that will help you achieve this. It could be in the form of a challenge that you were able to overcome.

Talk about the lessons you gained from this journey too.

  1. Reason for choosing the program/institution

The piece shouldn’t be all about you. The reader also wants to know why the institution or program is suitable for you. Here, you need to show that you are familiar with it, and what is expected of you.

Try to share something unexpected, which requires you to research the same.

  1. Positive Ambience

Your GPA may not be that great; but don’t count yourself out, just yet. Maintain positivity throughout the content. For poor academic performance, don’t make excuses for it or try to justify the matter.

Instead, highlight what you learned from the experience. It applies to your statement of interest for internship, too.

Qualities of a Winning Statement of Purpose

  1. Captivating Introduction

Strive to make the admission officer yearn to know more about you. It all lies in the power of your introduction. If possible, begin at the middle of the action or conflict, in your MBA sop.

Then, you can go back to giving background details, and how you handled the situation.

  1. Professional Language

Though you are trying to impress the reader, try not to do too much to the detriment of the image you portray. That is by using non-formal vocabulary, slang or abbreviations. Stick to polite, respectful, and formal tone.

Remember, you are addressing distinguished academics.

  1. Practice Moderation

Don’t create an image of someone who is too good to be true. Be honest and genuine about who you are. Chance are high that the admission committee may ask for verification of the details, and even contact your referee(s).

The Do’s & Don’ts in SoP Writing

  1. Give it enough Time

You may have winged it in college and before, waiting for last minute to do anything; but this won’t do, in SoP writing. Identify the deadline for submission, early in the application stage.

Then, plan your time accordingly. You need time away to refresh your mind before you edit your draft.

  1. Importance of Revision

Find time to go through the draft of your SoP and make corrections, where needed. It can be a few days after creating the first draft. Use a Grammar and Spellchecker if you have to.

You can also ask people whom you are comfortable with, to go through it.

  1. Follow Instructions

You need to demonstrate that you are willing to follow instructions. It starts with your SoP. Stick to the given word limit. Also, remember to respond to all the prompts.

Making it a Stellar MBA SoP

Before you start, you can outline a suitable structure for the essay. Also, brainstorm on potential ideas to write about, and pick the one with the most impact. Keep in mind; this is your chance to impress the admission committee, besides getting good grades.


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