Make Your House A Home With This Rustic DIY Home Design

Make Your House A Home With This Rustic DIY Home Design

Rustic home décor is the new “in” right now!

And whether you live in the countryside or living in a city, it is still possible to re-decorate your home the DIY rustic way and have the country house of your dream!

From large architectural projects to easy rustic touches, here are some of the best DIY rustic home design that will give any kind of home a farmhouse feels!

  1. DIY Plank Wall

Do you want to a highlight a particular all in your home and make it look like shiplap? Even if you do not live in a log cabin, then you can still give your house a cabin look by just planking a wall or two. It is a very simple and easy project that should add value and beauty to your home. Just add wooden planks on a wall paint the planks white or keep them natural.

  1. Wood Crate Centerpiece

In need of a centerpiece? Fashion a wooden box for decorations such as candles, flowers and pumpkins. Give it a country-feel décor by keeping the wood’s natural color.

  1. Rustic Wall Paint Job

Need to add some fresh paint on your house, but not too fresh for a rustic look? Go with colors with a bit of grey in them or grays with very subtle undertones such as blue or purple or look for a “washed and worn look”. If you are not too sure about this, you should consider talking with painting and waterproofing contractor in Cape Town for the best rustic-looking paint job.

  1. Log Candle Holder

Transform logs into stylish candle holders by drilling a hole in the middle of the log, put the candles inside and surround the candles with décor for the season whether it is springtime, Halloween or Christmas.

  1. Rustic Toilet Paper Holder

A strip of woodwork and a steel pipe can work together gorgeously in order to create a countryside-look toilet paper holder that will make a significant statement to your newly painted bathroom. You only need to drill a hole in the wood in order to place the pipe and secure the 2 pieces together.

  1. Rustic Photo Frames

Got some old wooden photo frames? Turn them to beautiful rustic decors with just a little effort. You can use burlap for its matting then add a photo in black and white, cardboard monograms cutouts or anything that you want. You might as well add small satin ribbons in order to decorate them a bit. It is a simple and easy project to do and looks memorable in any room.

  1. Deadwood-Style Rustic Headboards

If you want to add a classy yet rustic element to your bedroom, then try a deadwood-style rustic headboard. You can create this piece using your favorite wood piece and staining it dark or light as you like. Adding a rustic looking headboard is simple and easy but significantly elevates the feel and look of your bedroom.

Make Your House A Home With This Rustic DIY Home Design bed

  1. Twine Wrapped Cabinet Handles

You can do so much with a twine and it is literally inexpensive. So if you want to update your cabinet without spending too much money, why not just wrap its handles in twine? This gives your kitchen a rustic look and is possibly the easiest DIY rustic projects out there. You only need some twine, paint and glue and you will have these amazing Anthropologie-inspired cabinet pulls.

  1. Rustic Coffee Table

Just a few slats of wood with different colors and shades put together can make a great stunning coffee table! You only need to pattern he wood pieces and stick them together with nails and wood glue, add some legs of sort and you will have a rustic, expensive-looking coffee table!

  1. Stone Kitchen Island

This home project may require you to take some of your money from the bank and needs a lot of time, however it is definitely worth it. If you always wanted to have a kitchen island or wants to re-decorate your current kitchen island, then try to make it from stones or bricks. This will give your entire kitchen area a beautiful rustic look that will amaze your guests and friends.

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