Good Brand Experience 101: Good Experience Means Better Results

Good Brand Experience 101: Good Experience Means Better Results

Marty Neumeier once gave a definition of the brand experience. He states that it’s ‘all the interactions people have with a product, service or organization – the raw material of a brand’. And even though this definition is short, it’s quite accurate. You know, your interaction with other people directly affects your opinion of those individuals. The same can be said for brands. This experience is crucial when it comes to the brand’s success. If your clients/customers leave with a bad taste in their mouth, you’ll soon have no clients. Let’s take a look at a few tips on how to achieve more by bettering brand experience.

The message

Do you know why brands like Apple are so successful? They generate great experience at every stage of the customer’s journey. And they do so by orchestrating a clear message. Your brand has to have a clear message that is going to be repeated consistently and frequently. The message has to be simple but significant (yes, Don Draper said that). You have to familiarize with audiences if you want them to recognize the message and understand what you’re offering. Of course, you have to select and apply the most effective touchpoints. The message is as important as the approach.

Get to know your audience

You have to make an appearance everywhere, your brand has to be recognized. Fortunately, nowadays we have the internet and companies that will help you better the brand experience. Reach out to marketing masters, introduce yourself to the concept of SEO (you want to get noticed) and stay in touch with the technology. Your interaction with the customers is of the utmost importance. The internet is a perfect place to gather info about your target audience. Back in the day, companies had to collect information on audience demographics in order to develop a good sales pitch. Now you only need to position yourself so that people you’re targeting recognize you and consequently become loyal to your brand. Ask yourself this, what do your customers care about beyond a certain type of product? What are their broader interests and how can you take that to your advantage? You know, Nike doesn’t just sell shoes, Nike represents a certain kind of lifestyle.

Product/service is what’s it all about

Many business owners forget that their products and services serve as the focal point of their whole business. There is a bad trend nowadays where people focus more on advertising and hence forget that product quality matters the most. That’s why you have to make sure that you have everything in line when it comes to what your business offers. You have to understand what your product is, what it does and what problem it solves. When you figure that out make sure that you prepare everything for the product launch. Test the product, check the legal side of things and, of course, target the audience. You have to know who you’re going to market the product to. Bear all of this in mind and never forget that quality matters the most. If you fail to deliver what you promised, your brand is going to suffer.

Create customer loyalty

Great brands always go an extra step when it comes to creating customer loyalty. The goal here is to make you less sensitive to competitive pricing and move focus to marketing efforts. That in turn allows you to attract the resources needed for talent acquisition and capital. You’ll also develop strategic partnerships easily and become bigger and stronger brand. However, once you’ve built the brand, you have to maintain it. And do know that it doesn’t matter if your business is large or small, if you’re selling a product or a service and if your focus is to sell to consumers or B2B. Have a good strategy and form a strong customer base where you’ll always have someone to sell your products/services too. There can be no expansion for your brand without that.

Influencers and why you need them

Influencer marketing is becoming more and more popular. Do you know why? Well, customers like to hear what famous people have to say. They like recommendations from people they find on social media. They perceive these individuals as experts in relevant subject areas. Take that to your advantage and associate your brand with an influencer who truly believes in what you’re doing. Make sure that you find a person whose reach, resonance and engagement meet your requirements. You know, a traditional pitch only goes so far. But a recommendation from a friend makes all the difference. That’s what influencer marketing is all about. The concept is identical, but it’s only done on a larger scale. Remember that people need to know your brand and your products. If you don’t make that happen, you’ll waste the potential. So, make sure that you find suitable influencers who will know how to properly advertise and use your products/services. It has to be sincere and you need to develop a healthy relationship.


Brand experience does revolve heavily around the quality of products and services your brand is offering. But bear in mind that it’s also much broader than that. You have to assure that the customers (and especially the potential customers) have an enjoyable experience. And you need to keep it that way in the long run.


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