5 Designer Bridal Lehengas Under Rs. 50,000 For Your Dream Wedding

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A wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and life. There is an air of joy and happiness all around, and all your loved ones come to celebrate your special day with you. For most of us, weddings are opportunities to meet people you haven’t met for years and make merry. But when it is your own wedding, it is much more than just a celebration.

It is the day you have looked forward to your entire life—something you have thought and pondered over many times in your life. It is your day, when people come from everywhere to witness your union with your loved on. What can be more special than this? Such special occasions call for everything to be special. Whether it is your clothes or your jewelry, everything has to be perfect and exactly as you imagined it throughout your life.

But at the same time, there is the budget. The money you have saved is not enough for the extravagance you have planned, and you don’t want to borrow too much from your family—this is a predicament most of us find ourselves in. This is why we must be prepared to shop smartly, and not get robbed by crafty wedding vendors and outfit planners in the process. This is where websites like Carma Online can help you. Carma Online is a platform which exhibits various types of outfits from different designers, all in one platform. The bridal lehenga designs exhibited on this website are all from well-known and established designers and provide 100 per cent credibility. Here are some of the choicest designs, which are also reasonable—under 50k!—one can pick from on this excessively helpful website:

     1. Simple and Elegant

This beautiful orange gota patti lehenga by Deepakshi is great for people who do not like too much jazz with their outfits. The colour is bright yet sober.  It has the best of both the world when it comes to the bright colour and the minimalist design. The tassels at the end of the dupatta only add to the charm of this piece.

     2. Indigo Love

Who doesn’t love indigo? It is one of the most beautiful shades and the best part is that it comes in all patterns and designs. Mesmerizing, modern and pretty beyind words, this colour can be used in various ways. This particular Inari lehenga by Anita Dongre has used the indigo colour beautifully in a contemporary design. The result is exquisite and unique.

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     3. The Glorious Tassels

This piece by Ayushi Bhasin is a beautiful representation of a jazzy and adventurous trend that came about with the use of tassels. The colour is a beautiful peach, which is both soothing and light. The design is new, and very fashionable. It possesses a chic look, and can be worn for a cocktail function or something similar.

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     4. Bling Dream

Many people prefer a louder and a more festive look when it comes to their wedding functions.  With sequence and tons of shimmer, this outfit, designed by Pooja Peshoria, is a sight to behold. Modern and creative, it is light and fun! The smart boat neck only adds to the charm of this lehenga.

purple dress

     5. Unique Eccentricity

Nowadays, the more one plays with styles, the more fun it is. When looking for designer dresses online, this magenta lehenga with cape top by AVDI is bold, exciting and incredibly fashionable, and catches your eye. The colour adds an oomph factor to the outfit, while the cape top is flared and has an exciting pair of sleeves. The pattern on the beginning of the skirt completes the look and makes it ethnic yet unusual. It can be teamed with a heavy choker as the neck is bare, and one thing is for sure—no one will forget you in this!

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