5 Reasons why living in apartment is actually awesome

5 Reasons why living in apartment is actually awesome

Making a decision of buying an apartment over a house always sounds fascinating. Why? Because it is one great accommodation option. Living in an apartment has its own perks like cost saving, security, extra amenities and many more. When I moved to the studio apartment in Jaipur, these are the benefits I have witnessed. This article will help you explore some of these amazing benefits of living in an apartment.

1. Low cost

It is one known fact that living in an apartment is more cost-effective than living in a house. The rent and bills of a flat are usually cheaper than the house mortgage. Also, you don’t really have to take the worry about the building structure as the property owner takes care of it. It is also believed that newer buildings are likely to be more energy efficient. Having a smaller space leads to a lower power cost. Your transportation cost also gets covered as usual, these apartments are available where using public transport is feasible. Apartments also provide you some amazing inbuilt interiors that are beautiful.

2. No maintenance

In case of apartments, you can expect less maintenance cost than with a house. Because they tend to be smaller leading to less upkeep and cleaning area. Nowadays, the construction projects of apartments are safer as well as have the latest construction requirements in them. This directly cuts down many unnecessary maintenance expenses that usually you have to do after building a house. Gardening is again one big reason. Most of the apartments have a private garden facility along with small balconies. Which opens your options more than just planting and decorating lawns. There are also separate grounds of apartment blocks that have a maintenance person assigned for that. Which means you don’t have to spend any extra money to book a celebration garden for parties.

3. Increased safety

Units such as Rental Apartments in Dubai have several layers of entry. Which possess of the main door, side door, and a fire door, then there is a separate door available for your apartments. Every apartment offers a security available 24×7 hours. While entering the building also you have a security guard you only allow outsiders inside when they are sure about them. The security guard confirms the same with the concerned person and then allows others to enter. Where in a house you don’t get this facility. Instead, you have to appoint a guard separately. This is the reason why potential thieves can hardly get access to your apartment. Living in such close proximity with others is also a plus point for your safety.

4. Extra amenities

If you have a house then amenities like gym, pool, BBQ areas wouldn’t be normally available. But, when talking about apartments all these amenities are available almost everywhere. Also, some new properties have play schools available inside the apartment property itself. If you live in an urban area then probably the best perks of having an apartment can be the car parking area. People who own their own houses in main cities have no extra area for parking inside their house property. Street parking is the only option that is available for them. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that apartments are one best option if anyone is planning to shift to an urban city anytime soon.

5. Low commitment

As the rent is comparatively lower on apartments that gives you a freedom of moving around anywhere without being tied with the liability of paying house mortgage. Buying an apartment can give you the luxury of living in a higher socio-economic area that is not really affordable in case of a house.

According to my personal experience if you are planning to shift to a metropolitan city like Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore and you should go for apartments rather than a house. I hope all these above points helped you to come across some amazing perks of living in an apartment. In case of any query feel free to ask through the comment section below.    


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