Is CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs Reviewed & Approved by Vets?

Is CBD Hemp Oil for Dogs Reviewed & Approved by Vets?

There has been a lot of debate regarding the benefits of CBD in humans, and how it may help our companion animals has not been excluded. You may have already done some research into CBD yourself to see if it may help your dog and it is always important to discuss any possible medications or supplements with your veterinarian. The good news is, if you wonder if your vet would approve of CBD treatment, the answer to this question has become a resounding “Yes.”

Can vets recommend CBD?

Many of them do now, but that wasn’t always the case. Since laws in place regarding hemp and marijuana were often ambiguous, most practitioners in both human and animal medical care were apprehensive or even quick to dismiss CBD as a form of treatment for ailments. Even in states where medical marijuana was legalized, vets were still bound by laws that prevented them from discussing it with their own patients.

More recent studies have helped detach hemp from the closely related cannabis and better define the differences from a lawful standpoint. Unlike cannabis, hemp contains at the most .3% THC, meaning that the psychoactive factor in marijuana—the active ingredient that causes the “high”—is negligible or completely absent from CBD. Thanks to better understanding of how these compounds differ, CBD is now understood to be completely lawful in the united states.

Vets have started to embrace this change thanks to the powerful effects CBD treatment can have on animals, and some even sell it through their practices in the form of sprays, oils, and balms.

Do vets approve of CBD?

Obviously, vets were not quick to jump on the train even when the laws were made clear. Restrictions on hemp made it difficult to conduct research and trials, and truly delving into the significance of CBD oil as a viable treatment option for pets was a brave new world.

However, since CBD’s conclusive effects have become clearer, vets have been more vocal in their recommendation of it as a treatment. There has been an overwhelming positive response to the use of CBD oil in dogs with various health conditions, and it has been proven time and time again to be safe and effective.

What conditions are best suited for treatment with CBD?

There are several common ailments that CBD helps with, such as arthritis and anxiety. Often, vets and owners were required to turn to prescription medication to treat these problems, which often came with unfortunate side effects for the pup in question.

That said, since CBD interacts with your dog’s endocannabinoid system which affects the dog’s entire body, CBD oil is a broad treatment that can also help with nausea, joint problems, skin allergies, seizures, and even cancers.

CBD oil has become a promising field for treatment of various conditions in dogs and, taking your pet’s symptoms into account, may prove to be a perfect treatment to discuss with your vet.


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