6 Easy Ways To Improve Curb Appeal in One Hour or Less

6 Easy Ways To Improve Curb Appeal in One Hour or Less


If you know how to add curb appeal to make your house look nice, you can increase the pride of ownership you feel every time you turn into the driveway. If you want to sell your home, creating curb appeal is an essential part of getting the highest bids from eager buyers. Making your home look nice does not have to be a grueling task. These six ways to improve the outward appearance of your house and property take only one hour or less. 

1. Clean the Exterior

The cleaner the exterior, the better it will look. Get out a bucket and scrub brush, or opt for a do-it-yourself power-washing machine. If you opt for power washing, start with a small project first and work in sections. In just an hour, you can get the door, mailbox, front steps or porch railing looking much better. Bright and clean front steps will invite real estate shoppers in for a closer look, for example. Do not forget to shine up the windows near the front door. Cleaning everything will take more than an hour, but individual jobs will still improve curb appeal. 

2. Replace Shutters

If you have existing shutters on your windows, replacing them is not difficult or time-consuming. Order custom exterior shutters, and remove the old ones while you wait for delivery. It only takes a short amount of time to spruce up each window. Opt for easy-hang PVC varieties so you do not have to replace them again for a very long time. 

3. Touch Up Painting

Painting can be a quick weekend project that does not have to take over all your free time. To make your home exterior look better in an hour, give the front door a fresh coat or opt to repaint the porch stairs or a wooden mailbox. This is also a great way to keep your home looking up to date if you use a popular color on the door instead of boring black or a shade from decades in the past. Even little changes can give a boost to overall curb appeal. 

4. Plant a Window Box

Curb appeal is not only about style. It’s also about a feeling people get when they look at the property. To create a warm, comfortable feeling, consider installing window boxes at least on the lower level. While the installation may take more than an hour for multiple boxes, adding a burst of color and interest with plants will take less time. Combine interesting foliage and flowers in styles that do not block the whole window, and add some plants that trail over the edge to soften the look. 

5. Opt for Solar Lighting

No one could install an entire outdoor lighting system in an hour, but there is one option that will take even less time than that. Solar lights only need to be stuck in the ground where you want a friendly glow, and then left alone. They will automatically come on at night using the stored power of the sun they collect during the day. Line walkways, accentuate gardens and illuminate the front steps and door area with solar lights on poles. This not only looks good, but it also increases safety around your home. 

6. Fill a Pretty Planter

While some may find window boxes not to their taste, no one can say no to a pretty planter. These add a burst of color and interest to walkways, porches, garage doors and decks and patios. PVC planters are light enough to carry and easy to place, and they look great for many years to come.

Every homeowner wants to know how to make his or her home look nicer and increase curb appeal, but some do not have the time or energy to undertake large projects. With just an hour after work or on the weekend, you can make positive changes to your house and landscaping design that will boost appearance and value.

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Matt Buquoi works at FlowerWindowBoxes.com, a company that offers premium-quality, no-rot flower window boxes and outdoor planters at affordable prices.


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