Things to Have in the Car When You Have a Baby

Things to Have in the Car When You Have a Baby

A child might be the smallest member of the family, but they need the most things. This becomes more than obvious when you have to take a trip. Going to the seaside or to the market suddenly becomes a military operation, as you have to make sure the car has everything to make the child comfortable.

Many couples are selling their cars or exchange them with family cars when they become pregnant, but this is not everything when it comes to car rides with a child.

Baby-friendly car

The first thing you look for in a family car is lots of space, because child seats are big. After buying a new car and installing the baby seat, you have to add the accessories to keep the little one happy for the ride. For a baby you will need some toys, preferably ones which make noise. A mirror is also a great idea, as small babies can have fun with one.

Your family car also needs to have a nappy bag, extra clothes, wet wipes, a blanket and snacks. A small pharmacy cabinet is also helpful, because small kids can easily get feverish, get sunburns or cut themselves. You might also want to keep a set of extra clothes for you as well, if the baby manages to puke on you. A towel can also come in handy in many situations.

Toddlers and cars

Parents need a car with lots of cargo space because kids require a lot of things. Toddlers might be older, but they are definitely demanding. You will still need nappies, wipes, clothes and medicines, but you will have to add entertaining items, such as books.

Because toddlers are more active, you will have to make sure they can’t open the car doors. Also, you want them to be secured in their special seats with seatbelts, which they shouldn’t be able to open, as well.

Older kids

By the time your child is four years old, they are already engaged in activities. This means more road trips, either to the school/kindergaten, either to the pool, dance school, so on. The more time your child spends in the car, the more things they need. You still need clothes, wet wipes, medicines, band aids and snacks. But you will also need toys or items to keep the child entertained, so keep books and activity kits in the car. In the back of the car you might want to keep the child’s bike, so you won’t have to go home and pick it up every time you want to go to the park.

Extra accessories for the car

When your child is riding the car a lot you want to make the ride as comfortable as possible. A sunshade for the child’s window is one of the must have car accessories, especially if you live in a sunny location.

Backseat organizers are essential equipment when you have a child, as it enables you to stack all the items you need, easily.

The right car with the right accessories is going to make your life easier and will allow your family to enjoy the same mobility you had before the baby.


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