“Juxtapose: Gold or Diamond”

“Juxtapose: Gold or Diamond”

Whether it is a big and auspicious occasion or small and subtle event, a piece of gold jewellery is the best element to enhance the grace of a person’s appearance. Along with maintaining cultural aspects, gold proves to be a great investment. In India, women’s craze for gold is totally different. And the innovative designs that are innumerable in gold jewellery are assured to increase the charm, shine and value of the personality.

But you cannot underestimate the beauty of diamond jewellery. As it is said ‘a diamond is forever’ and proved to be a woman’s best friend that makes her shine at every occasion and makes her look at her best. Either she is your mother, your wife or your daughter, the perfect diamond jewellery is best suited to every age group. Diamonds are very precious gems and little expensive than gold but they are worth a fortune.

But when we decide to add a new piece of jewellery to our collection or invest in something precious, most often, we get confused in choosing between the two glorious modes of investment, either gold or diamond.

Both gold and diamond have their distinct and prestigious qualities that no one can resist. So first you should be clear that how much will be the resale value of the ornament that you buy, which one will not fade after use and which will remain as it is and maintain its quality and shine even after using.

  • As an ornament

If you are thinking to go for beautiful piece of diamond bangles, it will be a statement jewellery without any doubt but also investing in gold is an excellent choice as gold is fungible, also adds glory to your personality and has its own cultural values. Also, there are innumerable good gold jewellery designs with price and weight that are within the budget.

  • As an investment

Investment in gold or diamond is a matter of one’s own understanding and if we compare the benefits of investing in gold or diamond, the result comes out that investing in gold is a better choice than diamond. This is because of the fact that gold is fungible and its resale value will always be higher as it is a prestigious metal and also is a good hedge for anyone against any situation either it is economical, currency crisis, political or decline of the market.

On the other hand, diamond jewellery cannot be said as a good investment; however, the diamond pieces have great value. But an elegant piece of jewellery is a very precious piece and also has aesthetic qualities and beautiful look but the shine and value decrease by the time one utilizes it.

  • As a gift

When anyone in your family or relation is getting married or they have bought a new house, inauguration of any new business or shop or welcoming a new baby in the family or any other event that is going to be memorable for both them and you, many Indians prefer to gift a small yet elegant piece of gold or diamond jewellery, so for gifting purpose there are many small yet beautiful and aesthetic designs available in both diamonds and gold.


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