5 Factors of Great Office Design

5 Factors of Great Office Design

Your office plays an essential role in your business’s success. Aside from providing a conducive environment for your employees to work, your office is also a reflection of your brand. If your office is unorganized and lacks the necessary fixtures, the general public might think that you’re incompetent as a business. This can drastically affect the number of customers you haul in and the profit you earn in the future. Your office can also make or break the productivity levels of your employees. If you want your office to bring benefits to your business and not harm it in any way, pay attention to the information listed below. Aside from carefully shopping for your office furniture in Houston, these tips can go a long way in creating a great office design:

  1.    Consider an open layout rather than enclosed spaces.

It’s common to see offices with cubicles per employee. This might strengthen the privacy of an employee (something which is essential especially if the employee is handling sensitive information about the business) but this doesn’t foster collaboration and teamwork. Cubicles will only isolate an employee, disabling him to seek help from other people.

When planning out how your office looks like, make sure that you’re following a modern workspace. This means that instead of using cubicles for your employees, take advantage of a more open layout. This is probably one of the most important factors to consider during the process.

There are several benefits an open layout office can give you. For starters, it allows employees to share and gather ideas from each other. In a simpler sense, this kind of layout encourages the free flow of ideas. As a result, teamwork and productivity levels can boost.

  1.    Add a breakout space.

No matter how satisfied an employee is with his job in your company, there will be instances when he’d be too stressed at work. During this time, he’d want to have time away from his desk to relax. As one way of handling the stress of your employees, include a breakout space in your office. You can set up a table and a few chairs in one area for your employees to lounge around while sipping coffee. These areas should also allow chitchats among employees – because talking is a great stress reliever, right?

  1.    Invest in reliable office equipment and furniture.

Regardless of how carefully-made your office layout is, if you do not supplement the space with reliable equipment and furniture, all of your efforts will be worthless. In fact, you might be facing legal responsibilities whenever your employees are hurt because of a malfunctioning office chair or substandard table. Your office should be 100% functional so make sure that you buy the necessary equipment and furniture.

Whenever you’re shopping for office equipment and furniture, take time to look and compare options. Don’t immediately buy from the first store you come across. You should look into several details before buying namely the quality, price, warranty and even the customer service of the company you’re buying from.

  1.    Don’t forget about the lighting fixtures.

With proper lighting, your employees can work well even in the evening. They’ll be able to locate the documents they’re looking for, making it easy for them to finish their tasks. But instead of bombarding your office with a handful of fluorescent lights, taking advantage of natural lights is a much better option. Aside from saving your business from paying high electricity bills, using natural lights as often as possible also provides a long list of health benefits. For instance, since the human eye is designed to adapt to the different levels of sunlight, having the natural light come into the natural area can improve employees’ productivity.

5 Factors of Great Office Design congrats

  1.    Carefully work on the aesthetics.

The colors in your office can also affect the mood of your

employees. For example, using bright colors on the walls such as red or yellow can spike up energy levels while pastel hues can help them relax. Depending on the work environment and culture of your business, be careful of the colors you choose. If you want to break the monotony, strategically pick out pieces which can become the accent of the room. Different artworks hanging on the walls or big plants which add a pop of color can be excellent options.

First Things First

When you’re still a neophyte in the business arena, you might be clueless about what to do and not to do in order for your business to thrive and succeed. Most often than not, you’d be tempted to jump to every bandwagon thinking that it can expedite the process of succeeding. Thinking ahead can be helpful for a business, but it also pays to start from the basics. Let your office become your building block to success – and with the tips from this article, you’ll surely achieve that goal in time!


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