7 Ways to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Kid

7 Ways to Plan a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Kid

Planning a kid’s party isn’t that simple as it seems ,good parties’ need a bit of planning in advance. It doesn’t matter whether your kid is turning 4 or 14, start your planning with the Yabadoo Kids Parties as they provide you with the best party entertainment stuff for your kid’s special day in advance . There are many options available in the market ,when we talk about the surprise birthday parties especially in the case of kids. You can start your arrangements by choosing a perfect theme for their day like that of the pirates, superheroes or their favorite cartoon series.

While you are taking care of some of the most basic steps like sending out the invitations, decorations and everything don’t forget to add kids party entertainers into the party so that everyone can make the best out of the party!

If you feel that you are not crafty enough, it’s all okay! Don’t hesitate to try some of the most creative stuff! After all, it takes a bit of your imagination as well as ingenuity to construct some of the new traditions which eventually make the birthday kid feel more special about the day!

Always try to choose some activities like that of the scavenger hunt or musical chair which keeps all the kids occupied and happy.

Let’s elaborate some of the most creative way to plan a surprise birthday party for Your Kid, to know all about the tips, scroll down!

The very first step that you need to be concerned about is the

  1.      Party Theme!

While you choose a birthday theme for the party, keep in mind the preferences what your kid may like and use the props accordingly for the theme. If you are setting up a party for a younger kid the theme that they might love may revolve around their favourite cartoon character.

Kids are also crazy about the character parties, they love dressing up into various popular characters like the sponge bob or Tom and Jerry but just in case if you find these parties a bit complicated then you can switch on to the general theme parties which includes themes like pirates, fairies, wizards, etc .Every kid would love to be a part of such parties as they are allowed to unleash the creativity in such events.

No doubt you must be occupied with other arrangements like decorations, game planning and food, but you know you can manage all of the arrangements, as everything goes hand in hand! So if you just switched your plan to some place like a beach, then it could be an easy task as you can set up fully fledged tropical arrangements for the party!

  1.   Selecting the best suited location!

Parties can be handled anywhere! All you need to keep in mind is that the place you are wondering to host the party is big enough to harbour all of your guests. So if you are planning a huge party with all the kids’ party entertainers, then my dear a community hall would be the best option!

But if you are wondering to call only a dozen of people, then your place or a nice restaurant would make it up!

  1.   Jotting the guest list and sending the invites!

Before you make the final list of the number of people you will be inviting into the party make a rough draft and then select! If you feel that your kid is not that out going then may be a small party with all of their close friends would be the best, but if they love conversations and people around them, you can invite a larger number of kids!

Now, after the second most difficult task! Though the first difficult task was to choose an appropriate theme for the party, it’s time for you to send invites to all of the people you choose to call. You can use technology, as it makes things very simple and easy, by setting up event pages in your social media groups or instead you can call them and invite.

  1.   Decorations at its best!

Kids don’t bother much about the decorations; all they love about these parties are the superb games, tasty food and time which they spent with their friends to play with. Simple and sober decorations can also act like a catalyst for all of their imagination. Though keeping the budget in mind it is very easy to get carried away and exceed our budget!

The best arrangement is that where your kid can run around, dressing them up with the most beautiful costumes make them feel more special .In fact ,calling a bunch of kids entertainers, will surely be the cherry on the cake!

  1. Food

Ice creams and the cakes are the must things in your party ,but the flavours totally depends upon the preference of your kid .But just in case if you are wondering to arrange an ice cream cake them ,you should set it out just before the cake cutting ceremony .

Apart from the desserts there can be some of the great meals that you can arrange for them and in fact can also be easily made which not only helps you to cut down your budget but also helps you to showcase your talent to everyone!

Foods like taco bars, hot dogs are easy to make yet tasty! Improvising the junk food with a tint of healthy food will also be the best option!

  1.  Plan the best activities!

There are many activities that you can organize for all the kids like that of limbo, some crafty stuff ,for example ,making up of different accessories ,but all of these events matter only when you have organised a house party. Try to include some activities which requires a bit of the physical moment.

  1.  Goodbye wishes

Though this is totally not an essential ritual, but it can for sure give a fun ending to the party! If you have planned something for them , gift them with that or small little stuff that kids would have prepared during the game event can also be gifted to them as a memento of your themed party!


In a nutshell, if you will follow some of the above suggestions like adding up beautiful decorations, games and kids party entertainers for your themed party then, trust me your kid will be overwhelmed by this beautiful gesture of yours.

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May it be your kid’s birthday party or any of the special event Yabadoo Kids Parties is there to make them even more special by providing wizards, clowns, superheroes and many other characters to add the spark to your event. There is a never ending list to the services provided by the Yabadoo Entertainment as all they believe is to provide the excellent quality of kids entertainment for all the events.


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