5 Apps and Websites to Help You Be Aware of What is Vegan

5 Apps and Websites to Help You Be Aware of What is Vegan
Veganism is the new cash cow and they’re no denying it. There are so many brands and products that claim they’re vegan but some of them aren’t exactly living up to their claims. The hardest thing about vegan is not knowing if you’re contributing to the industry you’re against by buying something that’s non-vegan. To help you out of that, here are 5 apps and websites that can help you be more aware of the things you use in daily life.
1. Beauty Bakerie
A lot of makeup brands are out of window, now that you’re vegan. Top brands like Maybelline New York, Loreal Paris, Revlon, NARS, MAC test on animals. So, its kinda hard to find cruelty-free brands that provide quality makeup. Beauty Bakerie is one such brand that’s basically godsend. It has amazing quality cosmetics that are long-lasting and absolutely vegan and cruelty-free. They always have some deals and discounts going on so you can get your hands on them without breaking your pocket.
2. Is it Vegan?
Is it vegan is an app that super, super handy. We know for sure that certain products are definitely vegan but when it comes to packaged food, we can’t really be sure about it. Is it vegan app helps you there. You can scan the barcode of an item or search for it manually see if it is vegan. The app is pretty good at analyzing and helps in getting us to know better about the ingredients that are there in the food we eat.
3. Cruelty Cutter
Cruelty cutter is another app helps you detect what’s there in the products you use every day. Just like the is it vegan app, it helps you scan the ingredients of the beauty products and everyday store-bought things you use, including soaps, cleaning items etc. The best thing is that you can save the history of the products you scan so you can pick the cruelty-free items straight instead of having to scan every time.
4. Forks Over Knives
Forks over Knives is a recipe based app you must have. It gives you all vegan recipes you can try, not only just salads and sandwiches. It gives you the alternative plant-based products to use in your food too. It helps by giving healthy recipes that can help you fight chronic illnesses and problems.
5. Happy Cow
Happy cow app helps you get the information of all the vegan and vegetarian food places near you. Now you don’t have to spend hours searching for vegan restaurants. The app also helps you find natural food stores and now it has expanded to cooking, traveling, and health. It has always been vegans’ favorite app since its launch in 1999.
Do you have any other apps that can help vegans? Let us know in the comments.


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