How to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Brighter

How to Make Your Room Look Bigger and Brighter

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The world of interior design is full of great tips and tricks for making a room look a certain way. Depending on what you want to achieve for a room, there are some easy solutions that you can do before you commit to a full renovation.

For those looking to make a room look bigger and brighter, the following are tried and true tips.

Go for White When it Comes to Paint

When it comes to making a room look bigger and brighter, you cannot go wrong with using white paint. Even if a room is on the really tiny side, white paint will automatically make it look larger.

Another trick to keep in mind is to paint both walls and ceiling the same shade of white. This way, there is no delineation between the boundaries and the ceiling will appear higher than it really is.

Let Natural Light In

Some people make the mistake of adding heavy drapes to a room, thereby making it look smaller than it truly is. When it comes to making a room look bigger, natural light is key.

Of course, this doesn’t mean keeping windows bare. You can still hang curtains, but make sure that you have handy curtain tiebacks so you can still let light in, especially during the day.

Hanging Mirrors Can Give a Room an Illusion of Depth

A mirror that is placed in just the right spot will easily make a room look bigger. Play with angles and focal points to get the best results.

A mirror is also a great addition to a room that has limited natural light. Even with only one window, adding a mirror near it will help bounce off and reflect light into a room. For a more functional take on this tip, bring in a table with a mirror top. Cabinets or drawers with mirror doors will also work.

Make No Room for Clutter

Clutter makes a room look cramped. If you have things on every surface, a room of any size will look a lot smaller than it really is. To achieve the opposite, get rid of useless clutter from a room and watch it expand.

This tip is especially helpful for walkways and narrow hallways. If you can remove that chunky cabinet or console table, the space will be bigger, and you will let more natural light in.

Direct the Eyes Up or to the Horizon

If you are using planks of wood or patterns on the wall, using the lines to direct the eyes is one trick to make a room look bigger. Lines that go up will make low walls look higher. Lines that are horizontal will also make a room look a lot longer. If you create this sense of movement, your eyes will travel around the room, and you will get this sense of expansive space.

Use Furniture with Low and Slim Legs

Furnishings that come with slender legs will help make a room appear more open and airy. Sofas and chairs that have low legs will also help with this goal.

Great furniture options that have beautiful and slim legs are midcentury modern pieces. In the bedroom, you can do this by placing the mattress directly on the floor.

Start Simple

Go ahead and try these tips to make a room in your house look bigger. There is no need to knock down a wall or buy more space. Even the simplest of interior design tricks can help you achieve your goal of having a bright and big room. You will see that even the easy act of placing a new mirror or changing furniture style can have an effect on how big or small a room feels.


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