A Guide to Choosing an Outfit for a Formal Fall Event

A Guide to Choosing an Outfit for a Formal Fall Event

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Check the Dress Code

Summer is well and truly behind us and with that chill in the air that signals the soon-to-be arrival of winter, selecting a suitable outfit can be challenging at the best of times. Formal events that occur in the fall season demand an outfit that keeps you warm as well as looking good and with that in mind, here are some great ideas for that formal event in the season of falling leaves.

The event, if it is formal, should have a little more information than merely “formal”. If it is a white tie occasion, then it’s a tailed tuxedo for the guys and a full-length ball gown for the girls. If the event is billed as black tie, this is what is known as semi-formal, and you have a few more options. That prom dress, for instance, can be worn to such an event, even if you need to make a few small alterations, such as lowering the hem.

Fall Weddings

The fall is a very popular season for weddings, probably due to the amazing colours that come with the changing of the seasons and if you have been invited to a fall wedding, thicker fabric dresses are ideal. A lot of girls shop at Peaches Boutique, the online designer dress store with the largest selection of formal gowns that are suitable for every occasion. One simply cannot underdress with a formal or semi-formal social gathering and with an online boutique, you have a much wider choice and much less chance that you won’t be the only one wearing that dress.

Covered Shoulders

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Either you opt for a covered shoulder design, or wear a suitable shawl, those fall evenings can be very cold, so make sure you have covered shoulders. The ideal fabric for a formal dress in the fall would be something heavy, and long sleeves are advised. Sherri Hill is the designer of choice for a fall outfit, while Tiffany offers stunning dresses that are also warm to wear. Gloves are a great accessory – with the right dress – and these can be sourced at the online boutique, which has a wide range of outfits and accessories, all at affordable prices.

The Prom Dress

Most girls have a prom dress in their wardrobe and for many, it is something to take out now and then, to remember that one unforgettable night when they wore that number. The good news is that a fall formal event is a great opportunity to wear that prom dress once again. It might take a little alteration and your local seamstress can help with this. Dressing correctly for the occasion can be difficult, but with a little research, you will know what you can and cannot wear.

Stay Warm

There’s nothing worse than being cold at a formal event, while everyone is enjoying the night, you are trying hard to pretend, but in reality, are freezing your bones off! If you are brave enough to go with a bare shoulder number, make sure you have a woollen shawl, as you will need it. In the fall months, the weather is very unpredictable – a drop of 5 degrees is normal and double figures can happen.

A Guide to Choosing an Outfit for a Formal Fall Event dress
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Looking good is important, but not at the cost of being cold and uncomfortable and by keeping this in mind, your outfit will at least be warm enough for you to actually have some fun.


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