What are the Best Types of Pool Decks?

What are the Best Types of Pool Decks?

Installing a deck around your pool can add a beautiful appeal to your backyard and to your pool area. Decks have the ability to transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis for you and your family to enjoy during the day and the night.

There is a multitude of materials and styles of pool decks for homeowners to choose from. Concrete and wood are not the only choices that you have when it comes to updating your leisure area. Below are some of the best pool deck materials. Find out what makes them appealing to those who choose to build their decks with these materials and the benefits of adding them to your pool.


Although traditional, concrete has the ability to take on many forms like tinted concrete, stamped, exposed, etc. In colder climates, the weather can be harsh on concrete as it can crack when temperatures drop to a low degree. However, concrete works great in warmer climates and cleaning and maintaining concrete is a breeze. Which makes it better when it comes to do a few pool renovations. It is noteworthy to add that concrete can bring some safety issues when it comes to children and activity around the pool. Keep in mind the age range of those using your pool when you consider a concrete deck.


Brick is making a comeback when it comes to pool decks. Once popular in the 80’s and 90’s, brick has the same aesthetic appeal as concrete and has similar maintenance requirements. If you enjoy having a little contrast to the beautiful blue water of your pool, then brick may be the pool deck for you.


One of the many lesser-known options, rubber provides a great non-slip feature to your new pool deck. Having a rubber pool deck will also keep you out of trouble with the elements as it can withstand almost anything that Mother Nature throws at it. As well as being UV-resistant, it is a breeze to clean up and can be molded into any design or pattern that you wish to decorate the edge of your pool with.


If you are looking for a do-it-yourself job when it comes to installing your new pool deck, then precast concrete pavers may be your option to go to. Pavers come in a large and wide variety of different shapes and sizes. You can organize pavers in any which way you wish. Another cost benefit of concrete pavers is that you can build your deck on your own time, as you can buy pavers in any quantity when it comes time to start your project.


A favorite of above ground pool owners, wood can be a great material for your outdoor pool deck. More exotic types of wood are being used for the ultra-modern homeowner, making the pool deck a statement of style and class. Wood creates a beautiful aesthetic that pairs very well with the blues of the pool. However, a wooden deck can be a lot of high maintenance and trouble if you do not tend to it regularly. As with anything made of wood, your deck will require refinishing on a regular basis. If treating wood is something you are familiar with and can perform with ease, a wooden deck may be something to invest in.

There are a ton of different materials to build your deck with, it all depends on a few key elements. What you want your aesthetic to be, the amount of maintenance you are willing to keep up with, and the amount of money you wish to spend. If you keep those key factors in mind, one of the styles we have shown you is sure to fit your needs and add luxury and value to your poolside investment.


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