Required Qualifications to be a Fitness Instructor in 2018

Required Qualifications to be a Fitness Instructor in 2018


To stay healthy and fit, develop your core strength without causing any harm to your body needs skills that can be achieved by a rigorous extensive fitness course. There are various certifying bodies that offer courses and programs of fitness in the industry. These courses introduce you to the very basics where you get study anatomy and how a human body adapts and responds to physical workouts. It also makes you familiar with the cardiovascular system as it helps in supplying blood full of oxygen to muscles during a workout. All these may appear easy but needs immense focus and determination to stay fit and healthy lifelong.

What to expect in the course?

Most of these physical fitness courses include different forms of physical activities like running, strength training or swimming. This will eventually lead to the development of core strength and physical fitness. The fitness programs introduce you the modern and upgraded proper equipment and techniques and are injury free during exercise. You are also going to learn about the most common injuries during workouts – how to identify them, prevent them and treat accordingly.

  • You can learn to develop your muscles, speed, and power by using calisthenics, flexibility techniques and plyometrics in these courses. It will make you have a better understanding of the effect that each exercise techniques has on your body. By examining all sample exercises, you can develop your own fitness program that will increase your stamina, flexibility, and fitness.
  • The final stage of the courses is generally advanced that trains you in extreme environments and the trick of avoiding injuries. You will be instructed about the necessary precautions so that you can train safely in all weather conditions.
  • These fitness courses are not only for fitness enthusiasts but also for people who want to make a career out of it or someone who already works in the fitness industry.

Pros of these fitness training courses

Once you are done with these training programs you are knowledgeable about  the following things:

  • Physiology and cardiovascular system during workouts
  • Benefits of flexibility on health
  • Effects of training in extreme environments
  • Treating common injuries
  • Effects of substances to enhance your performance

You can take a diploma course in fitness training both offline and online or even in PDF form to suit your time and needs. A diploma course helps the candidate to take up higher levels of study and a focused job in the same field.

How to use your fitness certificate?

Most of the courses that are offered by the certifying bodies or fitness centers have generally free enrolments or they charge a nominal amount. But you need to have a certain percentage in each of the fitness examinations to advance to the next level. Once you have completed your course you can –

  • Share it with potential employers
  • Show it as your commitment to learn and constantly upgrade yourself
  • Use it as an incentive that will help you to with hard yourself

Qualifications to work

The updated qualifications in fitness 2018 to work as an instructor is listed below:

  • Level 2 certificate in health and fitness instructing
  • OCR level 2 certificate in fitness and teaching exerciseFor the ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification Exam you need to follow these instructions:
  • Minimum age should be 18 years
  • Minimum educational qualification is high school or equivalent
  • Should have CPR or AED certification
  • Photo id proof with signature


Fitness exercise programs are mainly-based exercise but you will also cover children exercise, principles of fitness and designing and managing different exercise courses. These are generally for those wanting to work as personal trainers or fitness instructors in the industry.

To be a specialist and a competent one,  you need to choose your level of training and areas such as:

  • Music exercise
  • Aqua exercise
  • Gym exercise
  • Designing personal training programs
  • Management of fitness programs
  • Knowledge of nutrition to help reach clients their goals
  • Principles of exercise and health

However, you need to have some skills along with hard work and dedication to achieve this qualification. Your training tutor is going to guide you through the process by incorporating new skills and techniques by trying new things.


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