10 Fun Things to Do in San Diego

10 Fun Things to Do in San Diego

Having difficulty finding a vacation spot because there are so many great places to go? Let’s narrow down your choice to the southern tip of California, in San Diego, where the climate is mild all throughout the year. San Diego is the ideal vacation destination because it has less rainfall and the absence of snowfall as compared to anywhere you may go any time of the year. And because it is near the coastline and with the perfect climate, you can plan lots of outdoor activities with your family or friends. Here is a list of fun things you can do to while away your time when in San Diego.

  1.  Go to the beach

San Diego is an area near the sea so the first go-to vacation spot would be the beaches. The coastline is a long stretch, and you can choose from any of its famous beaches. The Coronado beach is ideal for families looking for water activities like swimming, surfing or just plainly frolicking in the sand.

  1.  Visit the Old Town

If you have a knack for old buildings and architecture, you’ll appreciate a visit to the Old Town where many of San Diego’s first buildings can be found. Look around with your family or friends at the fascinating old buildings and houses that were built in the early 19th Century.

  1.  Bike along the seaside

You can also admire the beach view from afar by biking along the seashore. You can look for a bike shop in San Diego where you can rent or purchase a bike which will be your partner for the days when you want to explore the Pacific coastline and watch the rising and setting of the sun in South California.

  1.  Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Most vacation places have their own traditional zoos and parks. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park offers a unique experience to its visitors. You get the chance to see the animals as if they are living in the wild. Experience being the nearest you can be to the animals as you go through the safari-style tour.

  1.  Be a child again at Legoland

Another perk of a park in San Diego is the Legoland California. Located at the northern part of San Diego, this park which features the ever-famous Lego blocks will entice children and adults alike. It has exciting rides especially built for smaller children, while older children and adults can amuse themselves with life-sized or gigantic structures made of Lego blocks.

  1.  Visit Coronado Island

Although this San Diego attraction is actually not an island but a peninsula, it is one place you should not miss out in your San Diego bucket list. It is really just a small, laid-back place where you can enjoy and hang out at one of the best beaches of San Diego which is the Coronado Beach.

  1.  Explore the Balboa Park

Balboa Park is not your ordinary park. People of all ages can find things that each one can enjoy. It has eight beautiful gardens and 15 museums that you can explore by walking or riding a bike, whichever suits your fancy. The 19th Century buildings in this area are such a feast to the eyes.

  1.  Take a stroll at La Jolla

The jewel of San Diego, La Jolla is called such because of the exquisite beauty of the view from the cliffs overlooking the ocean. Just strolling and taking in the beauty of La Jolla is a treat in itself.

  1.  Take a cruise

Take advantage of the water as you view the city on board a boat. It is a different perspective as you enjoy the oceanfront and cityscapes from aboard the harbor cruise ship treading the calm waters of the Pacific.

  1.  Go surfing

For the athletic type, water activities such as surfing is also a thing in San Diego. Kids can take surfing lessons as there are accredited surfing schools at almost every beach you go to. San Diego is one of the best places to ride the waves the whole year round.

The mild climate is a significant attribute that San Diego is one ideal vacation destination you can go to. With the many activities that can stir your interest added to the picturesque, calm place to explore, what more are you looking for?


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