3 Popular Smoking Alternatives That Can Help You Improve Your Quality Of Life

3 Popular Smoking Alternatives That Can Help You Improve Your Quality Of Life

Everyone agrees that smoking is not a healthy habit. This is because it triggers certain conditions such as infertility, erectile dysfunction, heart disease and lung cancer among others. It also causes teeth to be stained and clothes to have an awful smell. As a matter of fact, smoking kills millions of people every year in different parts of the world. That’s why millions of people from around the world list quit smoking as their main resolution at the beginning of a new year. However, ditching cigarettes is definitely the most difficult thing on the planet. This is because quitters have to battle with the symptoms of withdrawing from nicotine. In a nutshell, nicotine is a chemical substance that causes smokers to crave for cigarettes. The good thing is that there are alternatives that you can use to replace cigarettes as explained below.

  1. E-Cigarettes

Like its name suggests, an e-cigarette is a device that contains nicotine in liquid form. For you to be able to use the artificial cigarette, you must charge it by plugging it into a wall socket. Once it’s fully charged, you can turn it on to heat the nicotine. When the vapor from the liquid starts rising up, that’s when you inhale and exhale, the just like you do with a normal cigarette. In fact, modern e-cigarettes are so tiny such that they can be mistaken with a memory stick (flash disks that are used for storing music, movies, pictures and documents). The advantage of these e-cigarettes is that you buy them once and for all. However, you will need to refill the e-cigarette with ejuice (nicotine in liquid form). You can buy best cheap ejuice on the internet that has different flavors including menthol, cinnamon, orange and apple among others.

  1. Nicotine Chewing Gum

When you chew a gum that has nicotine as an active ingredient, the substance is usually absorbed into the blood stream via the soft tissues that are in the mouth. The gum can therefore be used to put the craving you have for cigarettes at bay. However, nicotine chewing gum is not much economical like e-cigarettes. This is because one gum is never enough for a day. You must therefore chew several gums to be able to absorb the equivalent that you normally get from an ordinary cigarette. Besides that, there is also the risk of swallowing nicotine into the stomach when the gum is chewed for many hours.

  1. Nicotine Patches

Nicotine patches work in the same way like chewing gum. The only difference is that the patch is put on an external part of the body to allow nicotine to be absorbed through the tiny pores that are on the skin. When you wear the patch from morning till evening, you will not have any urge of smoking because it’s providing the nicotine that your body craves for. In fact, the patches are available into variances; mild dosage and high dosage. Experts argue that you should use a patch with a high dose when getting started and then switch to a lower dose gradually.


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