It’s Nearly Winter, And Winter Means Cozy

It's Nearly Winter, And Winter Means Cozy


How cozy are your preparations for winter? Sure, you’ve prepared your winter survival kit to be situated in the trunk of your car at all times, just in case. You might have replaced that window arch that was suffering from bad insulation. You might have purchased snow shovels and snow-shoes dependant on where you live. But how well have you prepared your cozy comforts?

These are the items of indulgence that will mean the most to you on a recreational level. We all know that sinking into our sofa with a good supply of hot cocoa and a beautiful blanket can often mean the world to us, but how far do these plans extend? Depending on who you are, it might be that a little effort here could mean the world for you and your family as the colder months pass on.

Consider our homemaking cosy guide for the best  results aimed for you and your family:


A comfortable pair of slippers can mean all the difference when navigating around your home on those cold winter mornings or evenings. A sturdy, well made and ethically produced shoes slipper can help you not only keep your feet warm, but help you feel supported and relaxed. It’s quite amazing how much foot comfort contributes to the comfort of the entire body, but anyone even slightly interested in this can understand it’s true. A great, functional pair of slippers can make all the difference here. Be sure to purchase quality, preferably something crafted with natural wool and ethical practices in mind. A great pair could last you years, which is generally well worth the investment.

Fairy Lights

It’s quite amazing how great a beautiful length of fairy lights can make a room look. From decorating your PC desk this winter to coating your headboard in this beautiful diffused lighting at night, a beautiful set of statically lit fairy lights can help a room take on an ethereal vibe, helping your home seem more welcoming, as if it’s taken a step right from the most beautiful fable around. Trust us, a cheap pair of fairy lights can make all the difference when decorating a room of indulgence. Just wait and see.

Media Collection

What good is getting cozy for winter if you can’t relax to your favourite media content? Of course, books are always the superior entertainment indulgence, but you can’t always share a novel with your entire family as they try to relax too, not unless you’re comfortable reading the entire thing aloud or wish to schedule a group reading session. It’s often much easier to curate a beautiful collection of films, or television shows, or subscriptions for your entire family to peruse. You might decide to craft assorted playlists on your musical streaming services fill with comforting jazz music, or potentially open up a plex server to host all of your digital films on for watching anytime.  This can help you bond with your family in the ultimate no-pressure way, and may provide very comfortable viewing.

With these very simple tips, getting cozy this winter is sure to feel nothing if not spectacular.


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