7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You

7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You sunset


Rich in history and elegance, Australia continues to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth — that is to say every place on Mother Earth is indeed beautiful in its own way! Australia is proud of its background, its people, its culture and itself. It’s home to more than 24 million people, and even tourists fall in love with it!

One of Australia’s delights is its vast range of great waters! For some, “beach” might sound like a common, boring place where you’ll bathe in salty water and get yourself tanned, but waters — beaches, oceans and the like — are treasures to Aussies. One way to appreciate them is to be one with them.

Australia offers numerous water-based activities wherein you will ride something! If you’re in Australia or planning to visit soon, here are some of them which you must not miss out!


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You river party Source-Bertahan Luxing

Kayaking is a water sport wherein you’ll ride a narrow watercraft with a double-bladed paddle — the “boat” called kayak. Riding this makes you feel that you’ll be out on the water in no time because it seems so weak, but with professional kayak instructors and guides, you’ll eventually learn how to control the kayak.

There are several sites in Australia perfect for kayaking. By kayaking, you will also be able to discover places which aren’t known and accessible to many people — places you can visit only if you intend to do so. In New South Wales, you can paddle around Manly. In Sydney’s South, you might want to check out Jervis Bay. Along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, you can begin from Anglesea to Apollo Bay. Hobart Waterfront is Tasmania’s famous kayaking location.

You can go kayaking not only in beaches but also around the coasts, in lakes and rivers. Some offers allow you to tour Australia via kayaking in several days.

There are many areas wherein you can kayak through wilderness and witness breathtaking obra maestras through nature. Since you’re sitting [on the kayak] below sea level, getting wet is not an option; it’s inevitable. Kayaking is such an amazing water activity that takes you into a magnified look at nature and a comfy hug from its glamour!


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You wave

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You might think that surfing is available in countless beaches in many other places in the world and that there’s nothing special about it the Aussie way. If that’s the case, then you’re wrong. Surfing isn’t just a water activity to Australians but an exceptional jewel of their history, culture and identity. For Aussies, it’s a lifestyle.  

One of the best surfing spots can be found in Australia; it has been truly blessed with land and water areas perfect for this watersport. There are many locations where it’s best to surf; some of them are Bondi, North Narrabeen and Merewether. Many surfing instructors await for tourists and even locals interested to learn riding on the waves.

People are usually scared of waves and at the thought that they might take you from the shore, however, they’re also beautiful and amazing! It’s like every wave has its own life, interacting with people, the surfers.

Aside from playing with the waves, this watersport can also provide health advantages such as improved balance and muscle strengthening. It’s not so easy to learn how to surf, but trying it in Australia is worth learning!


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You paddle


As its name implies, stand-up paddleboarding consists of a paddle board, a paddle and you, standing up. This watersport is somehow a combination of surfing and kayaking – but with a different type of paddle. Here, you stand on the board and use the paddle to navigate over the water. The challenge is to balance on the board while you dance with the graceful waves!  

If the water is calm and flat, it would be a really great time for you to look around the magnificent sceneries of Australia while you paddle. It’s like you’re walking in a park and enjoying the view, but in this case, you’re not using your feet to walk but your paddle and board to move.

You can rent paddle boards in locations like Queensland. You can also take stand-up paddleboarding lessons. This is more challenging compared to plain surfing or to plain kayaking, but it would be a memorable experience to bring back home!


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You body board


In rapid boating, you ride a boat on a river and the water runs rapidly! Before the actual rapid boating, you must carefully listen and understand the safety swimming lessons! If you want to try it out, you can inquire in Rapid Boarders, Australia’s only white water river boarding tour.

You lie on the boat on your tummy as the water carries you! There are guides to watch over you along the river! You need a brave heart and a body ready for an extreme level of swimming and boating! You will go with the flow, LITERALLY AND RAPIDLY!


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You sea doo


If you’re into high speed driving or riding, soaking in water and getting twisted, turned and thrilled, you can have them all in one ride — the jet ski. Your position when riding a jet ski is like when you ride a motorcycle; riders could be up to 3 persons usually depending on the capacity of the jet ski and on the sizes of the passengers.

Even when you don’t dive into the water, you’ll inevitably get all splashed and bathed! It may look dangerous because it’s a high speed water activity, so if you’ll look at the jet ski moving and doing its thing, it seems “wild” and out of control. That’s because of the water jet shooting out from the back of the watercraft, leading the jet ski to swiftly move! If you carefully follow the instructions of your guide and if you pay attention to managing the jet ski well, then there’s nothing to worry about.

There are several jet skiing sites in Australia. An example is that which allows you to tour around the tropical majesty of Whitsunday Islands from Airlie Beach. Another exciting thing about jet skiing is that you can witness marine creatures and sea plants from the surface of the crystal clear water.


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You group

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Jet boating is an upgraded type of jet skiing. Instead of a jet ski with 3 persons maximum capacity, here, you can ride on the same jetboat with the whole gang! This is bigger than a regular jet ski! The bigger the boat, the bigger the splash, the wetter you get and the extremity gets even more extreme!

Jet boating is a great time to not be fainting alone if it’s a game of the bravest because your whole family can ride altogether, and no one’s going to escape! The specially moving (literally!) part here is the 360 degree spins that jet boat companies offer and other exhibitions they let you experience with the jet boat. You can ride jet boats in locations such as Fremantle in Western Australia, Gold Coast in Queensland and Sydney Harbour in New South Wales.


7 Must-Try Water Sports in Australia That Will Splash the Thrill out of You birds

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Are you a kite master? Here’s a challenge you might want to take! A tweaked version of surfing with the combination of a kite is what kitesurfing is obviously about. Playing the kite is not an easy “game”, and it really requires some skill of yours to be showcased or discovered; so much more if you do it above the waves while balancing on a surfboard.

It’s a huge advantage that you can skillfully control a kite before you go kitesurfing. It depends on the wind! But you can also try it even if you’re not a good kite player. You just need to learn!

For kitesurfing adventures, you can look for operators in places like Shoalwater Bay in Perth, Brighton Beach in Queensland and Leighton Beach in North Fremantle.


If you’re onto extreme adventures and action, Australia must be a place to visit! With its rich, extensive and captivating waters, you won’t just fall in love but also get the excitement you’ve been looking for! So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to try those gripping activities in Australia and splash the thrill out of you!  


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