3 Tips To Preparing Your Home For Sale

3 Tips To Preparing Your Home For Sale

It doesn’t matter if you have a quaint 3-bedroom single family home, or a mega mansion, if your selling and want top dollar it needs to be ready to list. There are a few things that need to get done before any potential buyers tour the property. Mostly making sure the property is clean and tidy and any visual evidence of someone living there is gone. That’s not to say staging a home with furniture and decorations is wrong if you want potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. To properly guide you we’ve incorporated the information from Real Estate agents currently listing Port St Lucie homes for sale. This area “hot market” should be an excellent example for anyone else selling their homes.

According to National Association of Realtors (NAR) properly staging a home for sale can increase the total value by as much as 10%.

Properly Cleaning and Painting If Necessary

The first thing to do is imaging yourself as the buyer coming to see your property for the first time. The saying 1st impressions last a lifetime is so true. You want your home to present itself well and being ultra clean is the first step. Depending on how much work it will take to make your property immaculate will lead you to either hiring help or doing it yourself. Scrub the home down in every deep and dark corner, you can bet buyers will be looking. Don’t forget to go out side and clean the front porch and do the same in the back.

Next, choose a neutral paint color if possible with the understanding that HOA communities may govern exterior home colors. Either way you want to apply a clean fresh color of paint to give new buyers that “clean slate appeal”.

Make Sure to Have Curb Appeal

When the Real Estate agent pulls into the driveway with new buyers the first thing they see will give them a premonition as to weather or not they like your house. This is the ultimate opportunity to make a first impression on them. You want to make sure the lawn is very green, and the garden areas are lush and inviting. You can add some new flowers to make a statement. Just make sure there is a wow factor when looking at the house from the street. Trees should be trimmed, and the mailbox should be new too.

Properly Staging A Home Before Listing It for Sale

Although this is number 3 on our list it’s just as important to ensure a fast sale for top dollar. When a buyer walks into your home for sale it’s important that they can picture themselves there, with their furniture and belongings. If someone can’t feel like this is home then its unlikely the property will sell, or for much less than what its worth. When staging a home, you should follow the neutral is better policy. That’s doesn’t mean don’t add color, just make it appeal to a wide audience of people.

Staging your property with leopard print is probably not a good idea because it may only appeal to one buyer. As where if you stage using off white colors and modern looking couches with neutral throws, then adding some color with the pillow is ok.

Final Thoughts On Ensuring Your Real Estate Is Ready To List

Though most of this is common sense you would be surprised how many folks benefit from expert knowledge from Real Estate agents in Port St Lucie sharing their experiences. The basic theme is to make sure that your property is clean and neat and looks amazing from the moment you pull into the driveway, all the way through. Then you can rest assured that your home for sale will stand out amongst the rest.


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