Ways to Pull Off a Successful Get-Together Around the Holiday Season

Ways to Pull Off a Successful Get-Together Around the Holiday Season

When throwing a party, you want it to all go smoothly and without a hitch. A key factor in the success of throwing a party comes with planning and organization. It will rarely work if you just try to throw it all together. When it comes to a party, planning it is all in the details, and you need to decide firsthand how you want it all to come together. You will need to think of a theme and once you do that, you will be able to figure out what you will need. When you plan ahead and take the time to match things that go together, it really shows. Your guests will appreciate all of the efforts that you put into throwing the party.

If you are throwing a bash in November or December, you will most likely want to center it around a cooler theme and not serve ice cream or cold items. You will want to plan to serve comforting items such as soups and hot appetizers. You will want to incorporate décor that is more festive, as well, since this type of year is very close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Think reds, greens, and autumn colors, such as burnt orange and deep yellows. Think rich and deep colors and hues, such as royal purple or bright reds and crisp whites.

You should also serve drinks and beverages that are ideal for the holiday season or colder temperatures, such as hot chocolate, hot wassail, or apple cider. You could also create a hot chocolate bar where guests could try their hand at their own concoctions, such as peppermint hot chocolate or white hot chocolate. Include some gourmet syrups such as the ones found at https://www.monin.com/us/. You could have mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips as a couple of options. Use spoons dipped in different flavors of chocolate. Peppermint sticks could also double as stir sticks.

Some great themes could include Game Day since football is in full swing, or a chili and hot dog bar, or harvest-themed get-together. Pumpkins and corn husks are readily available, and you can find plenty of leaf-inspired tablecloths and table runners. You can also find harvest-themed plates, napkins, and ornaments that will help to create a fall-inspired setting. Have board games set out and place your best coffee table books that are centered around the holidays or fall. Have throw blankets out and light scented candles that smell like a warm fire and marshmallows.

In the hustle and bustle of planning a party, games are often left out or simply not given a thought, but they are a great way to make your get-together more fun and to help guests break the ice. You will want to incorporate some entertaining games to help guests get acquainted and to help break the ice between guests who may not know each other well. It will help create a more fun and relaxed atmosphere, as well as give guests who may not have a lot in common something to talk about. You could host a cocktail party and have guests meet the other guests under completely different circumstances. Players could introduce themselves and ask questions about the other guests’ “occupations.” Various occupations could be a firefighter, nurse, or even an astronaut.

Another great game for breaking the ice involves dividing people into teams. Hand out paper and something to write with to each group and tell guests that everyone has at least one thing in common. Their job is to find the other people who share that common “something.” Another game would be to have players write a story about their life in seven words. The stories will cause players to have to find out more about the other guests. Another fun game is to have guests blurt out random things about themselves, such as their favorite food to eat or a place that they have visited or lived. Guests will then have to remember who said what. There are many different variations to this game, but you can also have guests say something about themselves such as a favorite TV show or something “odd.” It is a really great way for the other guest to learn a little more about them.


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