Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Trees

Everything You Need To Know About Taking Care of Your Trees

Trees help in creating a barrier against bad winds and provide shades that protect you from direct sunlight. They also encourage the circulation of fresh air in your home by trapping gas from greenhouses. Mature trees can also be cut to make wood and other byproducts. However, trees need proper care for them to remain healthy. If you don’t tend to your trees, they will eventually dry due to lack of nutrients and diseases. Here is a list of things that you should know about taking care of trees.

  1. Felling Trees Growing in Dangerous areas is not Optional

Trees that are growing in dangerous areas should be cut down right away. Some of the hazardous places include next to power lines and close to the house. A tree that’s growing through a power line is actually a ticking time bomb. This is because it’s branches can cause the power cables to generate shot circuits that can kill people and animals. Similarly, a tree that’s growing next to the house can fall on people or even the house and cause serious damages that may not be covered by insurance. If the tree is too old, you may not be able to fell it with an axe. You should therefore consider hiring Fallbrook tree service because they have advanced tools for cutting and grinding trees.

  1. Trees need to be Pruned

Trees need to be pruned from time to time. Pruning actually enhances the growth of a tree. This is because the tree is able to utilize all the nutrients that it gets from the environment. The practice is usually done using a pair of sheers or a special saw that’s designed for pruning. During the exercise, all branches that are dead must be separated from the main trunk to prevent them from spreading the diseases that are affecting them to the rest of the plant. You must also avoid leaving stumps because they promote the growth of sprouts in future that end up competing for nutrients with the main tree. Pruning should be done during summer because that’s when the tree has fewer nutrients.

  1. Mulching is Crucial

Mulching helps in preventing the moisture in the soil from evaporating, especially during hot weather. Mulching also helps in keeping the soil structure intact during watering. This is because the mulch material reduces the impact of running water to ensure that it doesn’t wash away the soil. Besides that, mulching prevents weeds from growing around the tree. You can use organic mulch material or opt for artificial material.

  1. Watering and Spraying Against Pests

Trees need to be nourished with water to continue growing. You should therefore water all trees that are less than two years old once in a day. Watering in the evenings is highly recommended because it helps in maximum absorption of water by the soil due to low temperatures. In addition to that, you should spray your trees with appropriate herbicides because they help in keeping diseases and pests at bay.  


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