Our 5 Favorite Geeky PopSockets for Cat Lovers

Our 5 Favorite Geeky PopSockets for Cat Lovers

Popsockets have taken smartphone and tablet support to a whole new level. Apart from serving their basic function of allowing you to view videos and type text messages easily, the latest PopSockets have become instruments of incredible creativity and innovation. Every now and then, a new kind PopSocket that’s fit to drive the breath away is released into the market. Cat lovers have a field day choosing the kind of PopSockets that best express their love for the feline pets. However, several have risen above the others.

     1. Cat and Mouse Thoughts

If you love cats and humor in equal measure, this Nobleworks product is the popsocket to go for. The hilarious image with ‘You Are Always on My Mind’ printed above an open-eyed cat will make your day anytime. It comes with an expanding socket and a handle that easily attaches to the back of your phone. The grip allows a secure hold for ease in taking selfies, texting, and calling. Once you are done, the grip collapses back into the previous position.

     2. The Crazy Cat Lady

This cat Popsocket from Sassy Southern will win the heart of anyone obsessed with the black color. With its white on black cat image and text, it shows that simplicity can well blend with style. Add convenience in the mix; it can work with any smartphone or tablet. With its strong grip, you’ll never again have to worry about dropping your phone.

     3. Carticon

You will fall in love at first sight when you meet the Genial Mobile Carticon. It speaks of pure elegance and the simple pleasure of being alive and kicking. The delicate look of the cat image should, however, not deceive you. The Carticon is as sturdy a popsocket as they come, in addition to all other qualities of an excellent phone and tablet support device.

     4. Catstronaut

If you are the kind of person who is crazy about space exploration, here is a cat who shares your passion. The accessory by PopSockets features a cat in full space exploration regalia. In addition, it comes with grips which make capturing selfies and photos as well as texting secure. Its compatibility with all smartphones and tablets is an added benefit. Furthermore, you can view your videos, surf the web, skype and take photos in portrait and landscape.

     5. Hipster Cat

This popsocket brings out all the cuteness of a happy and lively cat. The Popsockets’ creation provides a firm grip, allowing you to capture high-quality photos and text more easily. More important it helps prevent the possibility of dropping and damaging your smartphone or tablet. The mounts allow comfortable hands-free viewing of videos in addition to expansion capabilities. It also comes in a variety of colors.

There is no doubt that cats are some of the loveliest pets. Without their involvement, popsockets would remain dumb and lifeless technological devices. While they serve the full purpose of providing phone and tablet support, the latest popsockets come with a stronger attachment to the owner. If you don’t have one or two, you are missing a lot of fun. Remember that you can get A 10% Off Sitewide PopSockets Coupon for your next purchase. Therefore, there is no reason for losing the chance to not only use your smartphone or tablet but also protect it from damaging drops.



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