Why Round Cut Diamonds Are So Popular?

Why Round Cut Diamonds Are So Popular?

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Just like any other piece of jewellery, or fashion for that matter, engagement rings are subject to passing trends. Unlike other pieces in a jewellery box, though, an engagement ring holds a great deal of value and meaning. Finding the perfect ring requires a good deal of detail and a great deal of research. You need to know what you want, but you also need to know what’s out there.

There is one style that never fades in popularity or goes out of fashion when it comes to engagement rings Brisbane couples will be proud of. They are the round diamond engagement rings.

Why Are Round Diamond Engagement Rings So Popular?

The round brilliant cut diamond has a fascinating history in the world of diamonds and is still the most chosen diamond for engagement rings. But, what makes this shape so popular?

It’s All About Shape And Brilliance

The round brilliant cut diamond boasts more than 50 facets, or, if you want to be precise, 58 facets including the cutlet. This cut tends to sell for a premium over all the other fancy cuts, mostly because the style is the number one choice in today’s engagement ring market.

Over the last six hundred years, diamond cutters have been hard at work perfecting the round brilliant cut’s design. The cutlets have become smaller, tables have been made larger and facets have become slender.

The incredible evolution of the round cut has paved the way for a stone that provides incredible amounts of fire and brilliance. That, as well as the introduction of improved technology for diamond cutters – such as lasers – has created the perfect opportunity for light to reflect inside the diamond.

A Quick History Of Round Engagement Rings

While semi-round diamonds have also played a major role in diamond cutting for a number of centuries, the fully round diamond that we love today did not come about until the 1800s. It was then that the “Bruting Machine” was invented, giving diamond cutters the chance to produce diamonds far closer to the round brilliant cut diamond that is so popular with engagement ring wearers today.

The European cut is the first known version of round diamonds, and they’re still used for engagement rings today. Up until 1919, a number of different versions of round cut diamonds were created. Then, Marcel Tolkowsky created outlines with specific proportions for what he decided was the perfect round brilliant cut diamond.

Up until today, diamond cutters still improve upon the specifications, and the gorgeous round diamond shape continues to evolve.

Let’s Not Forget That Ad Campaign

One of the most important reasons for the round cut’s popularity even today is advertising campaign. After the War and during the 1940s, De Beers created ads featuring the opulent and gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond.

In 1948, De Beers created the famous “Diamond is Forever” campaign. The marketing was so popular and effective, that it propelled the round cut to popularity that it still enjoys up to this day.


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