Keeping an Organized House with Children Around

Keeping an Organized House with Children Around

If you have children, you know how important it is to stay organized. A neet and orderly home will help you keep your sanity and get you out the door on time each day, but it may seem like an unattainable dream. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips and tricks that allow you to take back control of your home while still raising your kids.

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House Central

Every home needs a central location for the most important items. Find a free space on a wall near the entry way or in the kitchen. Hang a wall mounted mail organizer. Use one pocket for incoming bills and another for outgoing envelopes. If you get one with a key rack attached, you will never lose your car keys again. Place a calendar here too where you can jot down important dates. The calendar on your phone is great, but a traditional calendar allows the entire family to know what is going on. The same is true for phone numbers. You have them in your contacts list, but this does’t help the baby sitter in an emergency where they need to contact someone like dr bayron pediatric cardiologist.

Family Member Cubbies

Each member of the family should have their own spot next to the door. A storage ottoman is perfect for storing mittens and hats while providing a place to sit and put on shoes. Have a hook overhead to hold jackets and backpacks as well as purses and totes. Have an ottoman and hook for each person. Line them up in a row for a new and tidy appearance. Have a boot tray close by for dirty shoes and wet boots.

Once you have created a space for the most important items and designed family member cubbies, you will find that your entire home will feel more organized. You’ll reduce your day to day stress, and you might even find a few extra minutes to enjoy with your family.


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