Upcoming Leg or Hip Surgery? 8 Tips for Getting Ready for It

Upcoming Leg or Hip Surgery? 8 Tips for Getting Ready for It

Usually, when we hear the word surgery, we hesitate because we think there is a lot of risk that we have to take. However, it is actually not that in every case. While some surgeries are risky, the others are basically risk-free completely. Still people hesitate. This is not the right thing to do and later on it might prove to be counter-productive. The basic motive of a leg surgery or a hip surgery is to make the patient good as before. In other words, it means to restore the leg and hip conditions that the patient had before.

There is absolutely no doubt that a leg surgery or a hip surgery is pretty concerning. It is a matter that requires a lot of thought and needs to be looked into. Mentally preparing for the leg or the hip surgery is half the battle. Therefore, this article looks to provide people with five such tips that can help them better prepare themselves for their upcoming leg surgery or hip surgery.

Tips that can help you prepare for surgery

The word ‘surgery’ does sound pretty threatening. However, it is all in our heads. The correct things to do is mentally and physically prepare yourself so that you can easily endure the surgery and return as good as before. Some important tips that you should consider before going for hip or leg surgery are as follows:

  1. Keeping one happy and motivated – There is no point in thinking about the surgery all day long and bringing yourself down. If you want to endure and come out strong after the surgery, then you need to start with the mental preparations. It is important that you keep yourself occupied, motivated and happy prior to the surgery. Studies have shown that assuming a cheerful attitude before a surgery has yielded surprising positive results.
  2. Physically preparing – The next step is to prepare yourself physically. To endure surgery, you need to be physically as well as mentally strong. It is important to keep the fitness level and the health at the optimum level. This helps a lot during the surgery and also acts as a catalyst during the recovery phase. Staying fit and healthy is really important if you are going to undergo a major surgery.
  3. Quit Smoking – It is almost a necessary condition that you stop or quit smoking prior to your surgery. It needs to be stopped at least 2 weeks before the date of surgery. There could be a lot of health complications otherwise. Smoking reduces the speed of bone and soft tissue healing. This becomes problematic during the surgery and the recovery phase. Quitting smoking can aid in bone and soft tissue healing a lot.
  4. Gathering Experience – Another important thing to do is to approach and talk to someone who has already undergone the surgery that you are about to. They can tell you about what you can be expecting from the surgery and the after-effects of it. Also, knowing the fact that the person had the strength to come out strong on the other end, after the surgery, can give you a lot of inner strength and motivation to deal with the stress of the surgery as well.
  5. Talking to the surgeon and doctor – If there are any doubts in your mind regarding the leg or the hip surgery, it is best to clear it up. Talking to the surgeon or the doctor about whatever doubts you have can ease your mind to a great extent. Stress and doubt can be really harmful when it comes to surgery. One needs to be composed and relaxed at all times. Also, certain doctors will ask you appoint supportive care before you undergo the surgery. Extensive rest and good care can cure and heal almost everything. This can ease out the muscles and speed up the recovery process multiple folds.
  6. Prepare the house – The weeks before the surgery are the most crucial because the end result of the surgery largely depends on how you have been taking care of yourself before it. It is important to not undergo physical stress and strain. Therefore, one should always stock up the fridge with ready-made food. Also, errands that might involve physical strain should be avoided at all costs. Another thing you could do is arrange for a pee funnel. There are many different kinds of pee funnels available today and they minimize effort needed to urinate in the case of women. They can stand up and urinate like men by using this funnel.
  7. Read aboutit – Reading about the surgery can put your mind to rest. If you know everything there is to know about the surgery then you know that you have mentally prepared yourself for it. The physical preparation hardly takes much time then. Therefore, reading up about it and its affects can really help you a lot.
  8. Buy a pee funnel – A pee funnel is a device that makes your life easier after your hip or leg surgery. It is basically a device that allows women to stand up and urinate like men. After a surgery the hip area or the legs become extremely weak and one should abstain from applying unnecessary pressure in those areas. Therefore, sitting down while urinating becomes a strenuous work. Buying a pee funnel and learn more about using it helps you to avoid that posture while urinating.

These are the eight most important points or tips that can help you prepare for your hip or leg surgery, significantly. . If you are interested, you can always get the answer to your doubts on the internet.


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