Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier and More Economic

Tips to Make Home Maintenance Easier and More Economic

Improving your home at any instance can be both exciting and challenging. Some fixes might take more time and money than expected, and when not handled properly it can take a toll on you as well as the efficient running of your home.

However, there is no lost cause on this. With the knowing and applying of some basic tips and tools you can make your home maintenance project or projects come true without unnecessary drama.

Even though there is no one-size fits all solution to everyone for the challenges that you might face during the process, these tips are universally applicable. We guarantee your stress and problems will diminish or get out of the way. So, let’s get started.

If You Have A Garden

It all starts by knowing the type of climatic conditions you have. Take time to accurately investigate whether the plants you have in mind for planting will actually strive or not. For that you need to know if the area you live in has the accurate environment for your floral, perennial or cacti friends. (

If you live in the States, you can look at the interactive USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out if your location serves your plants well. However, if you live in other countries, there are also many resources available for you to know your hardiness zone without much fuss.

Talking about the ground, fertilizer is not the magic solution to your soil’s issues. Having a good quality soil will make or break how well your plants will grow. What you can do to enhance your soil’s performance is to add compost and well-aged manure.

Keep in mind that the best soils are the ones that are crumby and easy to dig, absorbs water well and provides enough oxygen for the roots to be healthy.  

Be Conscious About the Kitchen and Bathroom Areas

These areas are the most important ones of your home and a good remodel can add to a lot of general value to your property.

Basically, it is all about planning and budgeting. A good remodel demands that you spend more time on planning rather than constructing. This will alleviate many inconveniences of the construction process as well as making it way easier to stick with the budget.

Also make sure that you don’t get carried away by luxurious and gorgeous looking appliances. Get real about the room and the space you will work with, and foremost make sure it fits your needs and your lifestyle.

The main thing about these two spaces is to focus on them being storage efficient and functional rather than looking exquisitely good.

For that to happen it is important to consider the space as a whole and see how well the appliances and the outlets interact within the area so that they add up value instead of just taking up unnecessary space.    

Level Up Your HVAC System

Be very careful on this one and take time to understand if what you have is one-stage, two-stage or multi-stage wiring. Once you figure that out, you want to take a good look at your furnace, especially if it has been there forever, and see if it is time to get it replaced or whether a regular maintenance will do.

Another thing to consider is to check your thermostat, and if you have an analog one, try to upgrade it to a digital one. Digital thermostats are not necessarily expensive and having them can help you a lot with making your heating/cooling system way easier to manage.

A lot of thermostats even have a default mode that allows you to program heating cycle loops that will help you save hundreds of dollars on utility bills. Some of them are even smart and can be in sync with a mobile app that allows you to control your HVAC system while you are away.

Making that change will bring you a lot of benefits, just take time to see which option is right for both yourself and your house. If you happen to live within the Edmonton area, your HVAC issues can easily be resolved as there are a lot of companies around specializing in HVAC systems.

If you do live in an area which doesn’t drop below 50 degrees  Fahrenheit during the colder months, a heat pump is certainly worth  considering as a winter heating and summer cooling option. They’re  optimal for those that live on the southern coasts but not limited to  them and are extremely energy efficient. For some, they may seem like  a larger cost initially, with installation and all, but they certainly  do go a long way when it comes to cutting your utility bills down.

Tackling Your Gutters

One thing to consider before deciding to take on plumbing work is to be aware of how expensive that kind of work actually is. Here are two factors to consider before planning on something in this matter: time and complexity.

To book plumbing contracting services 4 or 5 months ahead of time, depending on the season of the year, will mean saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars on payment for that service. This means that you should scrutinize and anticipate your problem beforehand, so you can reserve plumbing services at a time when they’re more available and affordable.

On the complexity part, before you consider relocating any part of your plumbing system, keep in mind that these projects are normally of the most expensive, as well as time consuming of them all.

Unless it is very necessary to do so, you want to stick as much as you can to the original blueprint of your home’s wiring. Doing so can save you a lot of headaches, as well as thousands of dollars during the remodeling process.


This is a pretty important aspect to consider, and besides cute patterns and effects, it all boils down to “light”. The right colors with the help of proper lighting will create great optical illusions that can help a room look larger or hide any quirks without a big deal.

If you want to make a room look bigger, then choosing a creamy, light and monochromatic color scheme will be the way to go. However, if you’re not quite sure about how the paint or wallpaper will look you can take a small sample, put it on one of the walls of the room and see how it reacts to the various stages throughout the day.

This will give you a much better perspective, so you can avoid spending money on something that might not be right for you.


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