How to Regrow Hair Naturally in Men!

How to Regrow Hair Naturally in Men!

Hair is a protein fibre found in the dermis which grows from follicles. Hair is a sensitive part of a human body which breaks down quickly resulting in hair loss. So, if you do not take care of your hair, you will get bald soon. In fact, you must have seen many men losing their hair in mid-twenties. If you are also one of them, no need to panic now because modern medicine and ancient wisdom together have brought effective hair regrowth treatments that will bring back your youth.

Science, Therapy, and Results Concerned With Hair Growth

The hair follicles which create hair fibers cover the human body. Most of them construct tiny hair fibers which are hard to see whereas, some areas produce thick hair which is abundant in the scalp. Hair fibres are intricate and have several layers of cells and protein. One of these layers named cortex contains ample keratin bundles that give shine and strength to each strand. That is why professionals use keratin supplements to keep the hair bright and robust.

On the other hand, the hair follicles are also responsible for hair growth. It contains the hair bulb and cells which together build the hair filaments. Various nutrients are vital for the functioning of hair follicles. However, the main things which affect hair follicles are genetics and hormones which were hard to treat earlier. Moreover, the treatment more prior was complicated, but with the passage of time, modern medicine can quickly fix it by controlling the action of testosterone in hair follicles. Generally, such procedures are expensive and require a continuous follow-up by specialists.

However, spending too much money on drugs is not the only solution to regrow hair because the diet is as essential as supplements. That is why all you need is a combination of healthy food along with supplements as a treatment for natural hair regrowth. However, before starting any of them, consult your physician to make sure you receive the appropriate amount of diet and supplements based on your needs.

Essential Vitamins Required for Natural Hair Growth

Hair follicles are composed of various cells which also involves their structure and function. Research has detected many vitamins such as vitamin B, C, E, and many more are responsible for hair growth. So, it is crucial to include the required vitamins in your diet for natural hair growth. Here is the list of vital vitamins which you need for natural hair growth:

*Biotin: Biotin, a water-soluble vitamin belonging to vitamin B subgroup that provides additional strength to your hair and promotes hair growth. Sometimes skin flakes block the way of hair follicles and hair growth. So, in this situation, you should use products formulated with biotin to keep the scalp free of flakes and to promote hair growth.

*Folic Acid: Folic acid is also a part of the vitamin B complex which helps your body create proteins. Considering your hair is full of them, so, the insufficient amount of folic acid will cause hair growth problems and an unhealthy greyish colour.

*Vitamin C: Vitamin C is another vitamin essential for hair growth. Hair follicles suffer from bruising in their surroundings resulting in the corkscrew and easily broken hair. As vitamin C is an immunity booster and an antioxidant so, it reduces the damage to the skin and hair follicle resulting in no more broken hairs.

*Vitamin E: Like Vitamin C, Vitamin E is also a powerful antioxidant which helps you to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidant vitamins are imperative in a hair regrowth treatment because people who suffer from hair loss generally, have a lower concentration of antioxidants in their scalp. This deficiency of antioxidants results in oxidative damage to the skin that blocks hair growth in the more extended run. That is why reducing damage to the skin and hair follicle will allow the growth of new healthy hair.

*Vitamin D and A: Other Vitamins linked to a healthy hair are Vitamin D and Vitamin A. The deficiency in both the nutrients lead to pattern hair loss and dry hair which is not a serious matter. Because you can efficiently fulfil the lack of both Vitamin A and D by consuming milk products such as milk, paneer, curd, and many more and having green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, peas, and many more respectively.

The Best Way to Grow Hair Naturally

*Malnutrition: Malnutrition is a health condition which occurs in eating a diet consists of the improper amount of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. People who suffer from this situation tend to have dull and easily broken hair. So, if you want a great hairstyle, then remember nutrition is your first ally and supplements are always a source of nutrients when nutritious food is not easily accessible. That is why consume a diet consisting of all the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.  Fighting off the malnutrition condition is the best way to grow hair naturally.


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