Garrett Ace 400 – One of the best metal detectors ever

Garrett Ace 400 – One of the best metal detectors ever

Are you in need of a professional metal detector? Then Garrett Ace 400 is something that you have to try. One of the high-end models of the Ace series, Garrett 400 comes with many advanced features that can enhance your experience of metal detection.

Unlike other metal detectors, Ace 400 comes with a unique iron audio setting that helps you differentiate iron from other metals. With this you should be able to dig out treasure from trash. Also it comes with frequency as high as 10 KHW, which you can adjust according to your need. It may not be a popular model of Garrett; but it definitely serves your purpose.

Features of Garrett 400 Metal Detector

It is the unique features of Ace 400 that differentiates it from the rest of the metal detectors in the market. Some such features include:

  • Improved Sensitivity: Apart from being easy to assemble and fun to use, this amazing metal detector also comes with improved sensitivity that increases accuracy instantly. Using this you can even identify targets such as gold and lead that come with low or medium conductivity.  The detector comes with eight sensitivity (depth) adjustments.
  • Notch Discrimination: Based on what kind of metal you are looking for, you can modify the discrimination patterns on this amazing metal detector. You can choose from up to five different discriminatory modes.
  • ​New Iron Audio: Distinguishing between different metals becomes easy with the iron audio that comes with this metal detector. This feature lets you hear the iron content even in steel objects such as washers and bottle caps. The pulse-width modulation makes the audio sharper and more responsive.
  • Digital Target ID: The Digital Target ID makes it easy to read information related to the target on the display screen.
  • Adjustable frequency: This feature helps you eliminate any interferences from other metal detectors or power sources in the area.
  • Electronic pinpointing: Garrett 400 comes with electronic pinpointing that helps in locating targets precisely, while speeding up the recovery.
  • Coin depth indicator: This feature helps in detecting the depth of the target. It also comes with an expanded target ID legend that makes it possible to indicate US coin denominations.

Apart from the above, the metal detector also comes with camlocks for better stem stability and a 8.5” x 11” PROformance submersible DD searchcoil for excellent depth and coverage.

One of the most reputable metal detector brands, Garrett offers excellent customer service. Brand representatives will be happy to help you with any problems that you may be experiencing with your metal detector. If you need any help with using the metal detector you can watch any of the many instructional videos that are posted on the official website of Garrett.

Most of the customers who have bought Ace 400 or Garrett Ace 400i have been pleased with the product and offered positive reviews about its performance. Some have even posted pictures of the metals they have been able to identify using the device. Despite the high-end features, the metal detector is very lightweight, which is why it is the favorite of many customers.

As a professional metal detector, Garrett 400 would be an excellent buy for someone who is passionate about hunting treasures or collecting coins. Although expensive, it is worth the investment, provided you are confident about using it for the right purpose. If you are lucky you may even find some discounts and promotional offers that can help you save money on your purchase. Coming with a two year warranty, this metal detector offers excellent value for money.


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