The Most Popular Symbols in Gothic Jewelry

The Most Popular Symbols in Gothic Jewelry

The motifs popular in the Gothic subculture are eclectic. They are formed by the ancient Egyptian, Celtic, and Christian symbols. Gothic symbols are frightening and fascinating at the same time. Exquisite curls, esoteric and alchemical symbols, thorns and black roses, bats, crosses, ankhs and coffins, vampire themes, steampunk aesthetics and witch signs – each of the symbols carries its secret mystical meaning while telling a dainty and mournful story.

Gothic Can be Romantic

One of the most common motifs of the Gothic jewelry, please go to this website is the ancient Egyptian symbol the Eye of Ra. It is difficult to say why the sign that, in fact, symbolizes the sun became prominent in a mystical and gloomy gothic subculture. One of the unverified versions says that the outer corner of the eye has a curved extension, which is customarily used in gothic make-up.

By the way, exquisite curls are one of the most prominent symbols in the Romantic Goth. Instead of employing gloomy symbols depicturing skulls or esoteric signs, this style of Gothic reveres exquisite, delicate, and subtle items characteristic of sensuality and femininity. The most widespread Gothic jewelry pieces bear images of roses, drops of blood, crossed arms, and hearts.

Mystical Gothic

The hallmark of Gothic subculture is undoubtedly the Ancient Egyptian symbol Ankh. Thousands of years ago this sign symbolized life, immortality, eternity, wisdom, and protection in the face of evil spirits. The theme of life and death is one of the most dominant in the Gothic culture, so it comes as no surprise that followers are drawn to everything that has something to do with these concepts.

A place of honor among the Gothic symbols is occupied by Celtic and Catholic Christian crosses. Celtic crosses symbolize rudiments of paganism as well as Christian mysticism. Catholic crosses in a gloomy stylistic imply a mute reproach to the cruel Creator who predestined our tragic days in this cold world. Also such crosses, to some extent, reflect one of the classic themes of Gothic literature – the condemnation of religious views and disagreement with the opinion of the majority. Another interpretation of this element pinpoints that the Gothic Catholic cross represents a kind of border state – it is no longer good but not evil yet.

Gloomy Gothic

Other popular symbols that you can meet in Goth rings, pendants, and bracelets are images related to the evil forces, as well as all kinds of occult amulets and talismans. Occult symbolism is especially popular among ‘seasoned’ Goths while bats, dragons, snakes, spiders and other ominous creatures are usually used by gothennets.

Contrary to stereotypes, satanic symbols are used exclusively by satanic Goths and only because they are Satanists in the first place.

When selecting jewelry to complement the Gothic look, many people believe that the more mysterious and beautiful the better. In fact, such principles are erroneous. Gothic jewelry is an intimate thing that is beloved and meaningful to its owner. True Gothic buffs pick their wardrobes and ornaments according to their beliefs and views. Therefore, before putting on a gothic ring or pendant, think of how this item makes you feel, what emotions it evokes, and what significance you personally attach to it.


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