TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer cooking brats

Do you love grilling? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you.  In this barbecue grills review, I will be reviewing 5 Barbecue grills you should consider when you want to buy a grill. However if you’re also planning to purchase a tabletop gas grill, then best check out: these table gas grills by CookingPlanIt. They are perfect for camping and picnics and there are also a variety of designs and models you can choose from.

Here are the Top 5 Barbecue Grills:

Char-Broil Performance 475 Gas Grill

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer

If you’re looking for a great and affordable grill, the Char-Broil performance is a great choice.  It’s available for as low as $200 on the market, but you will get a lot for your money.  This grill uses advanced infrared technology for precise grilling temperatures. In case you are wondering about how the “infrared” works with the grill. Well, it is simply a corrugated panel of perforated metal that lies between the gas burners and the grill top. This panel absorbs, retains and distributes heat evenly across the grilling area, so you can expect to have a great grilling experience with an evenly cooked barbecue.

This grill comes with burners that generate 46,000 BTU of heat. It retains and distributes the heat produced very well.  The Char-Broil performance also features porcelain-coated cast iron grates that will give your barbecue perfect sear marks. This product also listed in this article about choosing the best gas grill by BroBBQ.

The Char-Broil performance comes with 475 square inches of main cooking space and an additional 175 square inches of secondary cooking space at your disposal. It also comes with electronic ignition, folding side shelves, and stainless-steel exterior which gives the grill extra durability.


  • Less expensive
  • Ample grilling space with side burner
  • Preheats within 3 minutes


  • One-year parts warranty
  • Difficult to assemble

Dyna-Glo 4 Gas Burner

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer black

This is another great barbecue grill, and it combines high-powerful grilling system with elegant design. So, if you’re seeking a well-designed grill with powerful grilling system, the Dyna-Glo gas burner is the best choice for you.

This grill from Dyna-Glo features a quick start electronic ignition button, multiple burners, control valves, built-in stainless-steel thermometer, tool hooks, side shelves, and a towel bar. The burners are made of high-quality stainless steel for durability. It also comes with porcelain-enameled cast iron grates for maximum heat retention and even distribution of heat.  So, you are guaranteed to have evenly cooked food.

It also comes with a total cooking area of 507 square inches which gives you enough area for cooking.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble


  • No side burners

Weber Genesis II E- 410 Gas Grill

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer grey

This barbecue grill is one of the best grills available in the market, but it is quite expensive. The Weber Genesis II E- 410 Gas Grill model is an upgrade on the Weber Spirit II E- 310, and it has more functionalities.  Weber Genesis II E- 410 comes with a cooking space of 513 square inches, which gives you enough area to grill. It also has an externally mounted propane tank that is very easy to replace than most grills with external grill tanks.

This grill features porcelain-enameled grates which measure 68cmx48cm, an electronic ignition system, and high-performance burners. The design of the grates gives your food a distinctive flavor. The grates are also very easy to clean.

The Weber Genesis II E- 410 Gas Grill also comes with a lid, rubberized controls, and a tray. The cooking surface radiates heat evenly, the grill is easy to operate, and it is very durable.  The sides of this grill give more space for extra dishes, food preparation, and grilling accessories.


  • Great warranty
  • Comes in different colors
  • Plenty of spaces for extra dishes, food preparation and more.


  • Quite expensive

Nexgrill 5-Burner

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer outdoor

The Nexgrill 5-Burner has the largest grilling area of all the grills in this article. It is a perfect grill for a large get-together grilling because of its large cooking space.

If you are the type of person who loves to grill for many people, you need to consider buying the Nexgrill 5-Burner Grill.  It has a cooking area of 638 square inches, which is the largest of all the grills reviewed.

The main burners generate 55,000 BTU of heat and the side burners generate 12,000 BTU. The burners distribute heat evenly across the cooking area, so you are guaranteed an evenly cooked food.


  • It has the largest cooking space of all the grills reviewed
  • Perfect for grilling for many people at a time


  • Food sticks to the grills

Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill

TOP 5 Barbecue Grills for A Tasty Summer brick wall

The Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill is one of the best grills you can get in the market. It effectively generates and distributes heat across the cooking area. The heat distribution is also very consistent.

This grill comes with three stainless steel main burners that generate 30,000 BTU of heat but doesn’t have side burners. The Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill has ample cooking space. The primary cooking area is 529 square inches which is enough to hold a few burger patties. The cooking area is not as large other grills, but it is more than enough to cook for everyone in your family barbecue or friendly get-togethers. The Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill is made of sturdy and high-quality materials for durability.


  • The heat distribution is even and consistent
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Doesn’t have side burners
  • Difficult to assemble

There are plenty of options, but don’t worry I’m sure you will find the perfect one for you!


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