Personal Trainer with a Twist: 5 Ways to Inspire Others to Become the Best They Can Be

Personal Trainer with a Twist: 5 Ways to Inspire Others to Become the Best They Can Be

As the population gets older, personal training continues to grow. The opportunities are there, and they are fairly easy to reach. Most personal trainers do not need an advanced degree and the business startup costs are usually quite low. Like any other business, it takes a while to make money as a personal trainer. But if you do well, the clients will eventually start flowing in. That flow usually starts sooner as opposed to later.

Liability is a major concern in an industry like this. Just one claim can destroy years of hard work if the trainer is uninsured. That’s why it is so important to protect your business with personal training insurance. These agents understand your business and can match you with a policy that fits your needs.

Back to being the best you can be. Here are five quick tips to help grow your business.

Be a Leader and Not a Cheerleader

Personal trainers are really teachers as opposed to trainers. The ultimate goal is to give the client a tailored fitness regimen which helps the client achieve certain goals. So, a tough workout followed by a “good job” is probably not the best approach. That’s especially true if the client is struggling. If you instill the proper attitude in your clients, the results will follow and so will the referrals.


Personal training should never be one size fits all. Yet many trainers soon fall into very bad habits. They assume that since the kettlebell or MMA-style workout generated results with Client A, the same must hold true for Clients B, C, D, and all the other letters of the alphabet. But that is simply not the case. A good trainer-trainee relationship begins with a conversation. During this talk, pay attention to the client’s goals and limitations. THen, begin a regimen based on your experience. After all, that’s what the client is paying you to do.

Always Include the Human Factor

Our bodies are different and so are our minds. The age-old “calories in, calories out” myth is a good example. In one university study, researchers gave test subjects identical shakes. They labeled one as “healthy.” The subjects who consumed the so-called healthy shakes reported feeling hungry much sooner than the other subjects. As a trainer, you must remember the mind-over-matter principle and account for it.

Don’t Over-Emphasize Intensity

There is some truth to the old “no pain, no gain” mentality. If your clients do not push themselves, they may never see significant results. The problem is that the stereotypical “gut it out” personal trainer usually gets the axe when money gets tight. The trainers who build relationships, and don’t just issue mindless challenges, stick around.

Focus on Movement

As mentioned earlier, personal training clients are older than ever. These individuals often have mobility issues. To head off these problems, stress everyday movement and stretching in your workout routines. Such added mobility is often the key to long-term results.

The personal training industry is changing, and the only trainers who can survive are the ones who are willing to change with it.


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