Can VPNs still be used in China despite the Complete Crackdown

Can VPNs still be used in China despite the Complete Crackdown climb wall


China’s internet censorship has always been a gossip material for people around the world. But this censorship has never been useful for the authorities, because people know what a virtual private network is, and what does it do for them.

This time, the Chinese government went hard on the VPN and imposed a complete ban on them, which came into effect in March 2018. The crisp here is, the VPN providers say that their users have faced no problem as such, and access to their services.

Threats to shut down all the VPNs have been released multiple times by the Chinese government in the last decade or so. This causes the unease to the people living there, be them the citizens, or the travellers. But in reality, the VPN companies adjust to the situation and keep working.

ExpressVPN is widely popular among the users in China because it has always, quickly, adjusted to the changes made by the government. It works even when the sensitivity is at its peak, which is when there are some high-level meetings of the bureaucrats or the government officials.

In general terms, any service that adapts to the changes and lets its user access the internet without any problem is considered best VPN for China. There is a bundle of such companies there.

What exactly is a VPN

It is like a tunnel that connects two or more than two devices in a secure and encrypted manner. Not just for the individuals, it is a security solution for the business organizations as well. It is not as usual in other nations, as it is in China. Almost everyone there has to use this service even to use the most popular sites like Facebook, Twitter.

Can VPNs still be used in China despite the Complete Crackdown hammer


How does it Work

You need to sign up for any of the VPN services to start using it. The internet data that your system sends and receives gets encrypted. This means that it is visible only to the one who posted it and the one who received it. The entire data gets routed through a VPN server.

What is its Use

The foremost importance of a VPN is to bypass the censorship imposed by the authorities. Be it in a school or college or workplace or even a whole nation.

While accessing the internet, there’s a risk of our data being collected and sold to the third party organizations. The VPN prevents this from happening as it sits between the user and the internet service provider.

A Bajillion Dollar Question

What has China blocked if VPNs are still working?

Well, there are many legal VPN providers in China which provide their services mostly to the banks and law firms in exchange for a substantial fee. They are legally allowed to bypass the Great Firewall of China, which the nation’s largest censorship system.

China basically wants that the corporations use the services of these registered VPN companies, which apparently means they want to see what is coming in and going out. This is China’s mode of controlling the way any corporation uses the internet in its boundaries.

The other side of the coin

The Chinese government is very well aware of the fact that the people there use internet through VPN, yet they do not ban it altogether. My personal opinion here is that the government knows that an educated person who knows how to get it done will not get influenced by the western media, while those who do not know might easily get instigated, something the government does not want to happen.

This means that this blocking is for those who are not technically advanced enough to understand such things. The government has to count on its aware citizens, which is what it has been doing since ages.

Future of VPN in China

Although Chinese governments have long been trying to control the internet availability to their citizens, they could never really manage to win this battle. China has its own interests in not implementing this ban entirely as well. Thousands of Chinese organizations use the blocked forums and websites to promote their business around the world. If the Chinese government prevents it all, well, their economy is in grave danger.

Even the financial institutions and law firms need the blockade free internet at all times. They cannot work without this tool. Moreover, the executors of this Great Firewall need VPN to their work as well. So, yeah, the complete crackdown of VPN is never possible. Yes, there is no denial in the fact that it will get more difficult for the individuals to have VPN services sometime in future, but till then, keep surfing it without any interruption.

Bottom Line

This loophole is intentional, and it is going nowhere. The people need it, the organizations need it, and most importantly; the government requires it. So, there stands no question of VPNs not working despite this ban.


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