3 Elements to Planning the Perfect Girls Weekend

3 Elements to Planning the Perfect Girls Weekend

With demanding schedules, family commitments and personal ambitions, it can be difficult for a woman to connect with her girlfriends. One of the main reasons why it’s so challenging is because many women don’t put their needs first. So, the need to connect with their girlfriends to relax ends up on the backburner. Don’t make this mistake. A great way to change the tide involves planning a girls’ weekend. Set the date in stone and invite your closest girlfriends. As you plan this major event, consider these three major components.

1. Venue
As a good friend, you should take your guests into consideration. If you know that some of your friends are deathly afraid to get on an airplane, don’t plan a weekend getaway on a faraway island. Instead, pick a place everyone can get to after they’ve spent a few hours in a car. A hotel suite is a great idea for your friends who truly love ordering room service. Room service allows someone else to cook for once.

2. Food
It’s impossible to have a great girls’ weekend without really good food. There are tons of ways to enjoy great food without spending exorbitant amounts of money. Find coupons on restaurant delivery websites and order pizzas one night. Go to large discount stores and buy a lot of great snacks in bulk. Purchase an assortment of salty, savory foods like popcorn, chips and dips. It’s wise to purchase a bunch of sweet options like candy, delicious desserts and fruit. Another wise move involves taking the dietary restrictions into consideration. If you have friends that have specific allergies, it’s always helpful to keep a few options aside for their enjoyment as well.

3. Fun
Find ways to break tradition and have fun. While the spa is perfect for a girls’ getaway, it’s not the only way to have a good time. Make memories by playing different games. Find a few new board games and try them. Look up where to buy cornhole bags and enjoy different types of games. Rent a few movies and have a marathon. Take lots of pictures and save the memories in a private digital folder for all the ladies to access.


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