Small but Mighty: Is a Vaporizer Pen Right for Your Vaping Style?

Small but Mighty: Is a Vaporizer Pen Right for Your Vaping Style?

Vaping has taken off as a healthier alternative to smoking. There are different types of vaporizer of course, from big flashy plug-in units for home use to highly mobile pen devices. Pens are getting more and more popular, developing into more advanced devices. It’s even possible to get pens that are marketed as ‘disposable’ and aren’t created for refilling/re-using, giving lower costs and more convenience for occasional users.

Maybe you’re interested in taking up vaping, or already vape and are interested in switching to a pen? Here are the main points to consider before making your switch.

Mouth to Lung Vapers

This type of vaping involves sucking on the vape much like a straw. The vapour then enters your mouth, before being breathed back into the lungs with a separate breath. Doing this gives a lot of flavour since the vapour gets some time in the mouth.

Having an extra bit of air when you breathe it back into your lungs is also gentler on your throat and gives a bit of a gentler hit too. Many old smokers prefer this method because they can chain-vape thanks to the lighter hit, and the mouth-to-lung movement mimics smoking a cigarette or cigar.

The vapour being held in the mouth also allows it to cool a little more, and this style usually uses lower powered vapes, so it’s gentler on your throat overall.

Direct to Lung Vaping

Inhaling vapour directly from the vaporizer to your lungs in one move is known as direct to lung vaping. Using this method allows you to fill your lungs with thick vapour, giving a dense and satisfying hit for many vapers.

The hit can be more intense with this vape style and it’s great for the ‘cloud chasers’ out there who love to produce a big, thick cloud. Those who would rather have a few big hits of vape rather than many smaller ones would prefer this method too. Sub-ohm vaping in particular favors this type of user.

Flavor is often less intense because the vape goes to your lungs and has little time in the mouth or throat area, and because of the intensity with this method it’s best to use less powerful concentrates.

Which is a Vaporizer Pen Best For?

Vape pen sizes are usually smaller and easier to carry around in your pocket. Some types of pen or e-cigarette are also available quite cheaply from vaping supplies stores, making them a popular choice with beginners.

Pens give a limited ability to draw as they are smaller in size and tend to have less powerful batteries. They also mimic the feeling of holding and smoking a cigarette. For these reasons, a pen is best for “mouth-to-lung” vapers and those who are transitioning from smoking or who want to replace smoking with a healthier alternative. You use vape pens in the same way as a cigarette (mouth-to-lung), inhaling the vape to your mouth and then breathing it back into your lungs with some air mixed in. For direct-to-lung vapers, we would not recommend a pen, but instead a high quality box.


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